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Splatoon 3’s story mode is a pretty wild place. Mysterious organizations, hidden volcano lairs, and mysterious fuzzy slime all lead to a massive reveal at the end that kind of changes the foundation of the game itself.

Many of the stages in Splatoon 3’s story mode are optional, but if you’re a completionist, it’s good to know that every stage you complete in a World unlocks two sentences in a log describing the history of what happened to mankind and what Inklings are.

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But some of these stages are tough — especially the final stage you unlock after completing every stage known as “After Alterna.” Real talk, it took me four days to complete After Alterna and a lot of screaming.

Just to state the obvious, this article is going to be filled with spoilers. Especially if you’re not aware of who the last boss is. But it’s honestly a really interesting read as I’ve always wanted to know what happened. So…without further ado, here we go. Logs 1-3 will be on this page 4-6+exe (the hidden one) will be on the next. Enjoy.

Log001 – The Fall of Humanity

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"As technology advanced at an exponential pace, so too did prosperity…and ultimately conflict. Before long, the enter world was embroiled. In the end, nearly all life on Earth was wiped out. As humans squabbled, natural disasters intensified. Volcanic eruptions leveled cities. The sea rose and began to consume the planet. Humanity experienced a mass-extinction event. Soon, the surface of the Earth became a barren wasteland, completely inhospitable to life. Error! Against the odds-computed to be 42,791 to 1-some humans survived. Therefore, the planet was only NEARLY completely inhospitable to life. These survivors found shelter in a vast cavern created by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. The cavern provided shelter, and a massive pool of accumulated seawater provided life. For while humanity was being decimated, marine life flourished. All manner of squid, octopuses, and jellywish had propagated in the deep. The surviving humans had found a source of sustenance…"

Log002 – The Rise of Civilization (Again)

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"The surviving humans appointed scientists to lead their new society, believing that science would provide a wiser path forward. Fully empowered, these scientists took on the monumental task of establishing a sustainable ecosystem within the cavern. They dubbed this new society “Alterna” and began the process of recreating the Earth they had once known. Of course, not even scientists are immune to nostalgia. The humans began constructing large-scale 3D-printing operations. This allowed them to recreate some of humanity’s favorite artifacts within the confines of Alterna. Additionally, they created a robust information management system, designed to indelibly record all of humanity’s precious knowledge. Such a system would naturally require some sort of record keeper. A computer that could autonomously observe and record data. The scientists achieved their aim with the development of O.R.C.A. Also know as the Omniscient Recording Computer of Alterna."

003 – A New Sky

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"As life in Alterna moved forward, one scientst discovered a new way to make liquid crystals from the bodily fluids of squids. These new crystals could change color in response to faint and fleeting electrical signals emitted by living organisms. To put that in more human terms…these crystals could read minds. And then output imagery that matched the viewer’s innermost thoughts. Humans were enchanted with this new invention and began mass-producing the crystals. Eventually, they lined the walls and roof of Alterna. As the crystals absorbed the collective desires of those in Alterna, they assumed the appearance of the sky as it was seen on the surface long ago. At last, after 25 years of being confined beneath the Earth, humanity could once again look up and see the sky."

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