Fall Guys Satellite Scramble: Everything you need to know about Season 2

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From all the addicting rounds, the creative outfits you can dress up your beans in, and the unique events, Fall Guys Season 1 was a huge success. As Season 1 comes to an end, we’re just about ready to kick off Season 2 on September 15.

Fall Guys Season 2 is called Satellite Scramble and the developer Mediatonic gave us our first look at what the upcoming season will have in store for us. The biggest change this season is that all of the Beans are blasting off into space and will stay in space for the duration of Season 2.

Along with the Beans heading to space we can expect new space themed rounds, space themed costumes, and a space themed Season Pass. If you couldn’t tell by now, this season will be a majority space focused.

New Rounds

As you may have expected, a new season means that there will be a handful of new rounds and maps that we will be able to compete in. Here are some of the new rounds you can expect to see in season 2.

  • Tiptoe Finale: A Squads Finale where four Squads will try and tiptoe their way to the center of the map in order to grab the Crown that is waiting for them.
  • Starchart: A race where you use buttons to reveal the invisible path and try to make it to the end before everyone else.
  • Pixel Painters: You will be shown a pattern on the screen, and you must recreate the pattern by hopping on tiles which will turn them on and off.
  • Cosmic Highway: Race across rows of moving platforms where one wrong move will send you plummeting into the void.
  • Hyperdrive Heroes: Stay on your hoverboard and make it to the finish line without falling off. The hoverboard will travel in a circular route.
  • Hex-a-terrestrial: Similar to Hex-A-Gone except you are on floating platforms in space.
  • Space Race: A race through space to see who can make it to the end the quickest.
  • Frantic Factory: Free-for-all cousin to Button Bashers. Bash Buttons to get points.

New Season Pass

The new Season Pass will offer you 100+ levels of new costumes, emotes, and celebrations to collect. Some of the costumes that you will see during this Season Pass are Spock, Xenomorph and Hatsune Miku. There will be tons of other costumes you will be able to collect as well. Just like in Season 1, if you don’t purchase the Season Pass, you will still be able to collect some free rewards along the way. However, if you do purchase the Season Pass and get to Tier 100, you will earn enough credits along the way to buy the next season’s Season Pass for virtually no additional cost.

Other Surprises

The Fall Guys team over on the Fall Guys website also stated that even with new events, levels, obstacles, and everything else Season 2 will have to offer, there will be a lot of improvements and bug fixes that will take place. They also go on to state that they haven’t shared with us exactly everything that will take place during Fall Guys Season 2 as there are surprises that are still to come during the Season.

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Fall Guys Season 2 will officially blast off into space on September 15, but until then you can continue playing Fall Guys from the Blunderdome planet.