Cursed to Golf: Three tips to help you ascend easier

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Don’t be afraid to take risks on Cursed Holes

The final tip I have is to take risks on Cursed Holes. Cursed to Golf offers you a ton of choices along the way. One of the biggest choices that you face almost after every hole is what path you are going to take on the map. One of the paths is usually a lot easier and may offer more rewards and the other path may be a little harder with the opportunity to try and complete a Cursed Hole.

Cursed Holes are the holes that feature the red skulls on them. These holes are going to be a whole lot harder than your standard holes. However, by completing these holes, you will be granted a lot of rewards as a bonus. These rewards include more money after the hole and a bunch of Ace Cards to go along with it. Just by completing one Cursed Hole will make many standard holes a lot easier after it. It is definitely worth trying to go for them, especially early on. If you are deep into the 18 holes, it may be best to try and avoid them unless you feel confident. However, early on there isn’t a ton of risk and it will set you up pretty well for the later stages of the game.

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Cursed to Golf is definitely not your standard golfing game. However, you will notice that it does become increasingly addicting. There is definitely the perfect amount of challenge that this game provides, but with the right amount of experience and by following some crucial tips, you should be able to ascend in no time and continue to try and become the best golfer of all time!