Cursed to Golf: Three tips to help you ascend easier

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Use your Ace Cards

It is going to be extremely difficult to make it through all 18 holes without using your Ace Cards. Even The Scotsman tells you during the Tutorial of the game to experiment with all of your Ace Cards and see what works out for you. For example, if you use the Practice Shot Ace Card and break a Silver, Gold, or Stun Idol, it will grant you the extra par shots or stun without having to officially use one of the five shots that you start with. This is a tremendous strategy to use in order to gain extra par shots without any rewards.

Along the way towards ascension, you will unlock tons of new Ace Cards. Cursed to Golf gives you these Ace Cards for a reason. Trust me, using them will allow you to complete some of the hardest holes a lot easier. If you end up failing a hole and have to restart from the beginning, you will lose all your Ace Cards anyway. They are no good to use after you fail, so don’t let them burn a hole in your pocket.

In the Eterni-Tee Shop, there is also something called the Card Binder. The Card Binder is a way you can store your Ace Cards for future rounds of golf. If you think you have too many Ace Cards and want to store some away so you can use them in future golf playthroughs, it may not be a bad option to choose.

There are also a variety of ways that you can acquire Ace Cards. You can get them through Card Chests, by surviving Cursed Holes, and even buying them in the Eterni-Tee Shop. In the Eterni-Tee Shop there are card packs and just single Ace Cards that you can purchase. I would HIGHLY suggest never purchasing the single Ace Cards and focusing more on purchasing card packs ONLY. Sometimes, the cost of one Ace Card is more expensive than the price of an entire card pack by hundreds of dollars. By opening card packs, you make your money back and way more and it is really not even up for discussion.