Cursed to Golf: Three tips to help you ascend easier

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Cursed to Golf is a very hard game and perhaps one of the most challenging golf courses that you will have ever played. There are tons of traps to avoid, a handful of enemies to defeat, and various other obstacles along your journey that were put into the game in order to make getting through all 18 holes no day at the beach.

Just like any other video game, the more you play and the more experience that you build, the better you will start to become at the game. Experience is key, especially with a game like Cursed to Golf.

Along your journey, you will get a number of tips from some of the characters in the game that will help you on your journey to becoming the best golfer in the world. However, there are some extra tips that you can use to help make your journey even easier.

Make sure you use the golf spin ability

This is one of the most important features in my opinion that will greatly reduce the number of shots you need to make. Adding spin onto your ball is not something that you learn right away in Cursed to Golf. Unfortunately,  it will not be available for the first entire round that you play. You do not unlock the ability to add topspin or backspin onto your golf ball until you fail for the very first time. Once you fail, The Scotsman grants you the ability to add spin to your ball. This is crucial.

At first, you may not always remember to use it but try to master its ability if you can. You will notice that there are so many times that a little extra topspin will allow you to make a ton of progress on a hole. The extra topspin may allow you to get that extra boost you need to get down a hole or even into the hole. Backspin also becomes very useful as you can use it to try and land in a pinpoint spot on the green. If there is a little ledge you would like to land on and are afraid of overshooting it, the backspin may become your best friend.

Honestly, with this feature, you are in full control of where you want your ball to land. If you can master landing the ball virtually wherever you would like. You can breeze through the course in no time.