Rocket League Season 8 release and everything else you should know

Psyonix /

Rocket League Season 8 is right around the corner, set to be released on September 7. With each new season that comes through Rocket League, we can always expect a handful of new items and features that make their way into the video game.

Rocket League is traveling to Sovereign Heights for Season 8. In the trailer released by developer Psyonix, we can see that there are a variety of new additions that will be coming this season.

For starters, we can expect a brand-new Rocket Pass. Every Season that Rocket League offers, it incorporates a new Rocket Pass for gamers to try and level up for new and exciting rewards. Season 8 is going to be no different. The new Rocket Pass is going to offer 100 new tiers and the rewards that you will get along the way include the all-new Honda Civic Type R, Sprattle Boost, Big Cap Topper, the Savage Spray Goal Explosion, and tons of other new rewards.

As you travel deep into the Premium Rocket Pass, you will unlock the upgraded Honda Civic Type R-LE. With the Honda Civic Type R and the Honda Civic Type R-LE, there is an EdgeLight package with glowing visual effects that wraps around the car’s body, and it will be automatically applied when using painted versions of either of the new Honda Civic Type cars. The painted versions of these cars will be found above tier 70 in the premium Rocket Pass.

The Sovereign Heights Arena is a new arena as part of Rocket League Season 8. Somewhere down the line there will also be a new Hoops Arena as well, but there is no confirmation as to when we can expect to see that. It is always great to see new arenas being added to Rocket League as a change of scenery is always nice to have.

Finally, you can also compete in Season 8 tournament rewards. Each season’s tournaments offer new rewards that you are able to unlock by having success in each of these tournaments. They are a great way to get new rewards and prove your dominance in Rocket League.

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If you haven’t finished leveling up your Season 7 Rocket League Rocket Pass, you still have a few more days before time is up. Grind out your finishing levels in Rocket League Season 7. Then on September 7, you will be ready to start an all-new grind in Sovereign Heights for Season 8.