Most anticipated Xbox, PlayStation and Switch games still to come in 2022

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This year has been full of some great games, Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu, and most recently Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are just some of the enjoyable releases. It’s hard to believe we’ve got even more amazing games dropping this fall. Yes, quite a few titles have been delayed, including Xbox blockbusters Starfield and Redfall, but there’s still quite a bit to get excited about. Here are 10 games releasing across Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch that I’m excited for.

10. Splatoon 3

While I love the first two Splatoon games, it looks like Splatoon 3 is finally going to nail the campaign as being more than a tutorial with an interesting story attached. Dropping on September 9th I can’t wait to see what new paint guns, rollers and straight-up styles are dropping into Splatoon 3.

9. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Do I need to explain why this is so hyped? Releasing with the new variant of warzone is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The sequel to easily one of the best Call of Duty games since, well, Call of Duty MW2. Hopefully, on October 28th this lives up to its namesake and delivers us another amazing campaign and multiplayer experience.

8. Star Ocean Divine Force

We’re finally getting a sequel to Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, and hopefully, it does a better job than that one did. While the last couple of entries in the series haven’t been the best, they aren’t the worst and since the third, I will always be praying for that next entry that’s as good as Till the end of time. Dropping on October 27th, let’s hope we finally get the one that lives up to the PS2 classic.

7. Skull and Bones

Originally announced at E3 2017, we’re finally going to get to play Skull and Bones and live out a deeper pirate experience than Assassin’s Creed Black Flag would let us, and hopefully, a more accessible experience than Sea of Thieves allowed. So let’s hope November 8th sticks and Skull and Bones is as amazing as it looks.

6. Saints Row

I know it’s already out but I can’t help but be excited about the reboot for the third street saints. Trailers make it look just as crazy, and boss as it always was.

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R

I know, I know you have that one friend that’s always telling you to watch Jojo. I’m that friend with everyone I know, so yeah watch Jojo and play Jojo. It’s amazing. The original for PS3 was phenomenal, and if you like anime fighters this one will tickle your fancy on September 2nd.

4. Resident Evil 8 The Winter’s Expansion

It’s the story expansion for Ethan’s daughter and a third-person RE:8 I think that’s enough to promote this once. It’s coming on October 28th, which I’m pretty sure is a month trying to bleed my wallet dry.

3. God of War Ragnarok

After the absolute show stopper that was God of War’s soft reboot a few years back, of course, every fan of Kratos and Atreus is ecstatic for this upcoming sequel on November 9th.

2. Bayonetta 3

The most hyped announcement of the year, in my opnion. Despite Even losing the original voice actress for Bayo, this is an extremely anticipated game and we will still see Platinum at their best!

Overwatch 2

Finally, Overwatch 2 is releasing this year. Ditching loot boxes for a battle pass is just the tip of the iceberg of improvements. I can’t help but be excited to sink a ton of time into learning the new characters, the classic character changes, and the new maps. While I can’t wait for the PVE aspect, the PVP will more than hold me over for what is probably my favorite multiplayer game ever.

Which games are you most excited to play on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch this year? Let us know in the comments!