Warframe: Styanax will be free for everyone in September

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes /

Digital Extremes is about to celebrate a magnificent milestone in Warframe — the release of the game’s 50th warframe. Styanax is set to arrive in September alongside the Veilbreaker update. When the update goes live, Styanax will be added to all player Arsenals for a limited time completely free.

Styanax is inspired by the ancient Greek warrior Astyanax. The herculean frame offers immense power with abilities like Axios Javelin, which launches enemies back withe ach strike, and Tharros Strike, a giant shield that you can summon and swing to repel enemies and reduce their shields and armor. Styanax can also act as a tank by drawing enemy attention with Rally Point, which also helps regenerate the shields and energy of nearby allies. The final ability, Final Stand, sees Styanax launch into the air and rain down a barrage of Axios Javelins, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

With Styanax set to launch next month, Digital Extremes has released an animated short to provide a little backstory. Interestingly, this is the first-ever extension of the Warframe entertainment universe, something that I suspect Digital Extremes will continue to build on and expand in the future.

As I mentioned, Styanax will arrive alongside the Veilbreaker update. This free update, following the critically acclaimed The New War update, sees the return of the fan-favorite Grineer Kahl-175 as a playable character in a new single-player quest.

"After a curious signal is picked up by Daughter of the Entrati family, the Tenno are contacted to investigate a Murex ship near Deimos and find its source. As Kahl, players will utilize new powerful abilities and tech gained along the way to fight their way through a Sentient onslaught and returning Archon boss enemies aboard the Murex while circumventing their intriguing technology to locate and safely release his brothers from imprisonment."

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In addition to this highly anticipated single-player quest, the Veilbreaker update will bring new playable weekly missions revolving around Kahl-175. Completing these cooperative missions will allow you to increase Kahl’s overall rank, unlocking new customizations such as Warfraem Voidshell Skins, exclusive Kahl-175 cosmetics and more.

Another major thing coming in September is a revamp of the existing Warframe Prime Vault program. While we don’t know exactly what’s changing, we do know the rework is based on community feedback. We’ll learn more about these changes in September.