Saints Row: How to unlock all 8 fast travel locations

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5. Cactus Bill

The Cactus Bill Fast Travel location can be found it the Lakeshore South area of Santo Ileso. At this point, you have almost acquired all the Fast Travel points that you can unlock in Saints Row. This is another really cool Fast Travel location. Make your way to this point on the map and you will immediately notice a giant cactus that is dressed up in a hat with a bandana around its neck that reads “Keep it strange Santo.” This one is kind of a given on what you are expected to take a picture of. Snap a picture of the giant, hat wearing cactus and the Cactus Bill Fast Travel will be unlocked.

6. El Dorado

The El Dorado Fast Travel location can be found in the El Dorado area of Santo Ileso. After you make your way to this location on your map, this one may appear to be a bit trickier to find compared to all of the other locations. You are going to want to stand in the main road and take a look at the sign that reads “El Dorado.” The green street sign is what you are going to want to take a picture of so that you can unlock this Fast Travel location.

7. Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf Fast Travel location can be found in the Badlands South area of Santo Ileso. As you are driving up the road to this monument, you will see a giant wolf statue that appears to be howling on top of some rocks that has “Lone Wolf Motel” written on it. Make sure that you get a clear photo of the wolf, and you will have no problem unlocking this Fast Travel location.

8. Saints Tower

If you are looking for the Saints Tower Fast Travel location on the Santo Ileso map in Saints Row and you just can’t seem to find it, that is because it is not available until you complete the full game. The Saints Tower costs $8 million to purchase but would ultimately be your eighth and final fast travel point if you so choose to purchase it.

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Those are all eight Fast Travel locations that are featured in Saints Row. The more Fast Travel locations that you have unlocked, the quicker you will be able to travel across Santo Ileso. You will also need all the Fast Travel locations unlocked if you are looking for 100% district completion.