Saints Row: How to make money quickly and easily

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Saints Row has only been released for a couple of days now and while it hasn’t gotten the greatest of views, the game will still give you plenty of hours of entertainment. One of the most valuable items that you have in Saints Row is of course money.

Money is given to you so that you can buy new outfits for your characters, new weapons, and even unlock new missions. The more money that you acquire, the more luxurious items will be at your disposal in Saints Row. Here are some great ways how you can make money quickly and easily in your playthrough of Saints Row.

Criminal Ventures

Criminal Ventures are one of the best methods on how to make money quickly. In order to unlock Criminal Ventures and get the absolute most out of this method, you are going to have to progress through the story a little bit to at least the point where the Saints are fully formed. Once you unlock the option to invest in Criminal Ventures, you are well on your way to making some decent money in a quicker than usual fashion.

Criminal Ventures do cost money, but you do have to spend money to make money. Ultimately, that is why it is referred to as an investment. Once you complete Criminal Ventures not only will it have the potential to grant you cash bonuses and other neat rewards, but it will also unlock side missions and threats for your given Venture area. If you manage to complete all the Side Quests and defeat all the threats in the given Criminal Venture area, it will add money to your hourly income. By building up your hourly income, you can make tons of extra money by in reality doing nothing. This will also allow you to focus on other parts of the Saints Row game, but still while making money due to your hourly income.

Complete Side Missions and @tcha Missions

Progressing through the main game missions is of course going to be something that you will be focused on a lot. However, it is okay to take a break from the main story and focus a little bit extra on some of the Saints Row Side Missions. Side Missions are a great way to get extra cash and they even grant you more money than some of the main story missions.

The @tcha missions are another great way to make some extra money. Depending on how low of a rating you decide to give for each @tcha mission, that will decide how much money and how difficult that encounter during the mission will actually be. What you will want to do is rate the @tcha mission as 1-star. This will make the mission the most difficult, but you will also receive $10,000 if that is your first time completing that specific @tcha mission on a 1-star rating.

Once you complete the 1-star @tcha mission, you are able to replay the mission on any difficulty and still make $8,000. What this means is you can give the @tcha mission a 4-star rating and you will still receive $8,000 for completing it. Doing this over and over again will be quite easy and the 4-star ratings tend to be the quickest and easiest to complete. Just don’t forget that if it is your first time completing an @tcha mission, do it on the 1-star rating so you can get that $10,000 cash bonus. After that, you can complete that same mission on any difficulty and still come away with $8,000 each time. While this method will make you money quickly and easily, it can still get a little repetitive after a while.

Wanted App

The Wanted App is a great way you can make money early on in the game. Towards the end of the game, you may not be focusing on the Wanted App too much, but you never know. Wanted Missions do not take that long to complete at all and by completing one of them, you will earn $5,000. Earlier on in the game that $5,000 will make a huge difference. The Wanted App is also a great way to get extra money so that you can put it towards Criminal Ventures too early on in your Saints Row gameplay.

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If you stick to these three methods, you will notice that your bankroll will start to grow faster than if you were to ignore these methods. Just like any Saints Row gamer, you want to have as much money as you possibly can.