Clash of Clans 10th Clashiversary: 10 fun facts about the Barbarian

Supercell /

Earlier this month, Supercell celebrated the 10th anniversary of Clash of Clans. Supercell went all out to celebrate the massive milestone, releasing a fictional documentary about the history of Clash. They even created the fake games that were supposedly the roots of Clash of Clans and let fans play them within the mobile game itself.

The primary focus of the 10-year anniversary for Clash of Clans was on the Barbarian. While he may no longer be the strongest troop in the game, he’s definitely still the most iconic. He’s sort of become the mascot for Clash now. And as part of the Clashiversary celebration, Supercell has shared with us 10 fun facts about the Barbarian that you may not have known.

Here they are:

1. One of the most common misconceptions are that Barbarians are angry. They just get carried away in anticipation of future battles.

2. Barbarian draws inspiration from iconic Fighters in cinema and show business. Some see similarities to Hulk Hogan, some to Conan the Barbarian.

You know what, I see it now. The Barbarian’s signature mustache does quite resemble that of Hulk Hogan or even Conan the Barbarian. Personally, I’m more of a fan of the Miles Teller Top Gun mustache.

3. Many things changed during the visual development of the Barbarian. At one point he was tall and skinny, at another, short and stubby. Surprisingly One thing remained since the beginning; the Yellow hair.

Okay, the original Barbarian look definitely gives me some He-Man vibes.  Not very intimidating though.

4. There are 10 variations of Barbarians in Clash Universe. Five in Clash of Clans and 5 in Clash Royale.

Can you name them all? I’ll start with Clash Royale: Barbarians, Battle Ram, Barbarian Barrel, Barbarian Launcher, Barbarian Hut. Can you name the Clash of Clans ones?

5. As much as Barbarians love fighting they love Painting with oil paints equally

Painting the P.E.K.K.A. as if he were one of the Barbarian’s French girls.

6. Barbarians least favorite defense building is Air Defense as it doesn’t fight back.

Honestly, this one makes sense. The Barbarian loves a good fight.

7. Barbarian can hold his breath for roughly 2 years, 1 month and 6 days.

I’m pretty sure this is in reference to the teasers for the Builder Base update.

8. Barbarians wear ergonomically crafted sandals to avoid blisters and splinters.

I’m sure if they had Crocs in the Clash universe, Barbarians would wear those instead.

9. Over 1 Billion Barbarians are deployed weekly by the players

10. You really cannot play truth or dare with Barbarian. He will always choose ”dare” no matter what it is.

Well, there you have it. 10 completely random, unknown and fun facts about the Barbarian in Clash of Clans. Although Clash of Clans turned 10 earlier this month, the Clashiversary event is still going on. YOu can still currently participate in the “10 Years of Clash” challenges and play the original Clash games via the arcade cabinet at your Home Village.