Madden 23 Face of the Franchise makes some big changes this year


Even though the release of Madden 23 is just a little over a week away, EA is still not done releasing its Gridiron Notes for the various game modes. Today, the focus was on Face of the Franchise: The League, the story-driven, RPG-like game mode in which you live life as an NFL pro. There are some massive changes this year, so check out the quick rundown of EA’s Gridiron notes below.

Start as a fifth-year free agent

Unlike previous years in which you began Face of the Franchise as an NFL rookie straight from the draft, Madden 23 will start you off as an underutilized fifth-year free agent. Utilizing Madden 23’s improved free agency contract signing system, the biggest decision you’ll make at the start is signing with the right team. As EA explains:

"Take into consideration things like the quality of a team’s need for a player at your position and skill level, whether you’re a good fit for their current scheme, and of course whether they’re willing to pay you above your current predicted market value. Those dollars and cents will matter this year, granting you things like bonus REP used for leveling your player depending on the quality of your pay. It’s down to you whether you want to play for your favorite team, and just let money do the talking."

Madden 23 wants to get you onto the field as quickly as possible and EA promises that it’ll take just 15 minutes from creating your player and signing with a team to running out onto the field and starting your next journey in the NFL. Although part of the appeal of Face of the Franchise is the role-playing, they don’t want too much prologue at the beginning. After all, the fun of Madden is actually playing football.

It sounds like starting as a veteran is your only option in Madden 23, but I think it would be cool if they kept the option to begin your career from the NFL Draft.

Player-Locked Only

Perhaps the biggest and possibly most divisive change this year is the removal of full team control. EA wants you to truly master your position and in doing so has implemented player-locked gameplay only this year. This means you will not be able to control the other teammates.

Another new position: Cornerback

Once again, EA has added another new playable position to Face of the Franchise: Cornerback. I personally feel this will be the hardest position to master in the game mode, but also one of the most rewarding. With the new FieldSENSE mechanics — specifically WR vs DB Battles — playing cornerback in Face of the Franchise will undoubtedly be a ton of fun.

With the addition of Cornerback, Face of the Franchise now offers five playable positions: quarterback, wide receiver, half back, linebacker and cornerback.

More flexibility in player progression

Madden 23 will move away from last year’s levelable classes and instead focus on position-focused progression. Rather than being pigeonholed into football archetypes, you’ll be able to create your player how you want. This allows for more flexibility and customization, which I appreciate. It will be interesting to see the types of builds players come up with now.

Other changes

Some other changes players can look forward to is a refreshed League Hub to better streamline all aspects of Face of the Franchise.

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Side Activities have also been overhauled to capture life off the field as a pro athlete. During the week, you’ll be able to select the side activities you’ll want to engage in and then experience any cutscenes or play through any on-field drills. You’ll then get a summary of all the boosts and rewards you’ve earned.