Pokemon Presents August 2022 recap: Every big announcement and reveal

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A new Pokemon Presents dropped and boy howdy was there a lot of new info. If you don’t have  time to watch the entire thing, I’ve got a breakdown of the main points here. If you do have time though, here’s the Presents… it’s pretty.

  • Pokemon World Championship
    • The Tournament will be from August 18th – 20th and will include the normal lineup of cards, Pokken, and recent Pokemon titles.
    • Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite will also be added to the tournaments.
    • If you go in person you’ll find the world’s largest Pokemon Center pop-up shop.
    • It will all be live streamed.
  • Pokemon GO
    • The Ultra Beast Finale Event will be on Aug 27th
      • You’ll be able to catch the four different Ultra Beasts that have been added to the game.
    • There will be new research added to catch Sky Forme Shaymin
    • The story will finally tell you what happened to Professor Willow
    • The Daily Incense was talked about
      • This new form of incense grants you 15 minutes a day of draw time as long as you’re walking.
      • During this time there are also specific legendaries that might appear.
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  • Pokemon Unite
    • New events and campaigns are going to be added to the game
      • Pika Party – This quick play mode will feature only Pikachu.
    • Buzzwole is added to the game as of today.
      • It’s a melee tank that gets quicker as it defeats enemies
    • There will be Halowear gifted during this event (see above image)
  • Pokemon Masters EX
    • A new Trainer Lounge will be added during the three year anniversary event
      • What you can do in this lounge those was not said
  • Pokemon Cafe Remix
    • Mewtwo will return
      • Completing one-minute cooking sessions will allow you to unlock Mewtwo on your cooking staff.
    • Latias will be added to the game
    • Victini will return as well for a second chance in hiring it
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  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
    • Paldea Region
    • New Paldean Woopers were revealed
      • These heavily poisonous type have bones sticking out the side to look like a skull and crossbones type poison warning
    • The story-specific legendaries (Koraidon or Miraidon) will be with you from very early in the story
      • While it seems like they’ll be a bit smaller and learn their way up, it seems to be your primary form of transportation
      • It can transform into everything from a motorcycle to a glider to a jetski
    • When on foot you can have your lead Pokemon follow you.
      • You’ll also be able to bring out your party similar to in Arceus
    • Depending on the game you’ll enroll in one of two different academies that will send you on quests
    • There are three main story paths you must take
      • The first one is the standard gym battles.
        • Eight gyms + victory path were confirmed
        • As the game is open world, you can tackle these in any order you choose
      • The other two were not revealed
    • New Pokemon were revealed
      • Paldean Wooper – the poisonous one mentioned earlier
      • Fidough – A squishy puppy
      • Cetitan – A big mouthed creature that looks like the reaper ghost from Bubble Bobble with teeth
    • There was a research gallery shown briefly that seems to indicate a particular book for each Pokemon hinting at an Arceus-like research system.
    • Union Circles were shown to be the place to go to start playing multiplayer
      • Multiplayer allows you and three friends to play the game at the same time, exploring towns and roving the area together
      • Info on how independently you can play during this time wasn’t revealed
    • The Terastal phenomenon was revealed
      • This is the gimmick for Scarlet and Violet
      • By throwing a special Pokeball at your Pokemon during a battle, it will take on a new Tera form in which it becomes crystalized.
        • Being crystalized strengthens it’s type and attack
      • There will be rare instances where you’ll encounter Pokemon that have alternate tera types meaning they’ll switch types when Tera formed
        • One example was a Pikachu that, when Tera’d it gained crystal balloons on it’s back and become flying type
          • This particular Pikachu is also a pre-order bonus
        • Another example showed an Eevee that Tera formed into grass or water types (see above image)
        • You can see the type the Pokemon is by the crystalline formation on their head.
        • Examples
          • Normal is a large diamond
          • Water looks like a frozen fountain
          • Fire looks like a chandelier
          • Grass looks like a flower
    • Tera Raids will be added to the game
      • The Tera Raids allows you and three friends to compete against rare Tera-formed Pokemon similar to the raid battles in Sword and Shield
      • Unlike Sword and Shield, however, these battles are in real-time and your characters move at your own pace without waiting for your teammates meaning you’ll all attack at the same time like in Pokemon Go

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