Apex Legends: Hunted release date: Here’s when Vantage joins the battle

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A new season for Apex Legends: Hunted is set to kick off next season and will introduce a brand new legend to the battle royale game: Vantage. We got to know Vantage briefly in “Stores from the Outlands: Survive,” a cinematic video that provided some background on the newest character.

Raised on the barren ice planet of Pagos, the only rule she’s been taught has been to survive. But after discovering the ruins of a “cargo” ship, the G.D.S. Vantage, we learn there’s more to the history of Mara’s mother. Check it out below.

With Vantage officially introduced, EA has now officially announced Apex Legends: Hunted which officially begins on August 9. This is also when Vantage will formally join the Games.

A launch trailer for Apex Legends: Hunted provided some additional story as Vantage finds herself in the midst of the Apex Games. Will she be able to apply what she learned from her mother on Pagos in combat and do what she needs to do in order to survive?

As you can see, Vantage is a Sniper with recon-type abilities. Her passive allows her to aim down sights with a long-range scope to gather intel of the enemy she is targeting, such as the rarity of the body shield, the size of their squad, and other tactical information that could be useful before deciding to engage in combat. Her Tactical Ability sees Vantage launch her campion bat into the air and order it around the map within a certain radius. Vantage can then launch herself to Echo.

Her Ultimate lets her mark enemies which will then show up in a scan. Marked enemies will received 15% more damage from Vantage and her teammates.

The new season will also bring a revamped Kings Canyon. The Season 1 map has undergone quite a few changes over the course of the last few seasons, so it will be interesting to see, as Respawn asks, “What will rise from the ashes of the past?”

Of course, we’ll also be getting a new Battle Pass to grind through with Daily and Weekly challenges. Expect the usual assortment of Legendary skins, weapon skins and more.

But perhaps the most exciting thing coming in the new season is an increase to the Level Cap, which currently sits at 500. We don’t know how many new levels will be added with Hunted, but many expect it to be around 100-200. As grinding for Apex Packs is one of the big hooks for many veteran players, the new levels will certainly be appreciated.