Stray: Where to find all four energy drinks and vending machines

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One of the hottest new games on the market at this moment is BlueTwelve Studio’s newest feline action-adventure Stray. Stray takes you on a journey inside the life of a cat where it is your job is to reunite with your family after getting lost in a world populated by robots, machines, and carnivorous bacteria. Just when you think you have seen it all, right?

There are a lot of various collectibles and items that you can try and seek out during your journey through Stray. One of these items that you can seek out are Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks are used as a form of currency to purchase items from the Barterman. You will notice that The Slums have many vending machines scattered throughout. However, there are only four special vending machines that contain these Energy Drinks that you so desire.

Energy Drink #1

The first energy drink can be found by making your way to the Morusque the guitar player. If you make your way over to this area and head down the stairs that are to the left of the Guardian’s area, you will notice two vending machines. There will be an orange one and a blue one. The energy drink is located inside the blue vending machine.

Energy Drink #2

Head back up the stairs from the blue vending machine that you just found your first energy drink from and when you make it to the top of the stairs make a right and head down those set of stairs. From here you can make your way towards the start of The Slums. If you see Grandma’s Shop, then you are in the right area. From Grandma’s Shop you should see an alley with a red bike and graffiti on the wall. Head down this alley and make a quick left down another dark alley and then another quick right as soon as you enter the dark alley. Once you make that quick right turn in the dark alley there will be a set of stairs that lead up to the second vending machine that holds your second energy drink.

Energy Drink #3

You will be able to find the third Energy Drink on the rooftops in The Slums. This one will be easiest to find if you travel to Heptor. It is on the rooftop across from Heptor. You will see a red vending machine that is next to a ladder. Not too hard to find, just get on top of the rooftops and you will be golden.

Energy Drink #4

The fourth and final Energy Drink can is decently hidden. Travel back to the alley with the graffiti on the wall and the red bike. Make your way to the end of the alley and look up and you will see the final vending machine hidden on the balcony. Climb and cat parkour your way up using the ledges and you will be able to collect the fourth and final Energy Drink in The Slums.

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Once you have all four Energy Drinks you can go and buy B12’s memory from Azooz for the cost of three cans or you can head over and buy some Morusque’s Sheet Music for the cost of only one can. Since you will have all four Energy Drink cans, you might as well buy them both so you can work on getting 100% game completion. Finding these Energy Drink cans that Stray has to offer is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of things to find, but you have to start somewhere.