Halo 2: Beat the LASO campaign challenge and you can win $20,000

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Do you like money? Do you like Halo? If you said yes to both of those questions or maybe even one of those questions, then there may be a challenge for you.

The Halo franchise is one of the most successful franchises in Xbox history. You may even be able to argue that the Halo franchise is one of the most successful franchises in video game history as well. A recent announcement by famous YouTuber “Cr1tikal,” whose YouTube channel name is Penguinz0, stated that he is giving out $20,000 if you can complete one of the most difficult challenges in video game history in Halo 2.

The object of the challenge is fairly simple to keep track of. All you have to do is complete a LASO Halo 2 campaign run. If you are unfamiliar with the term LASO, it stands for Legendary All Skulls On. There is a total of 14 Skulls in Halo 2, and each Skull makes the game a bit more difficult —except for the Envy Skull which makes your experience easier. The Envy Skull is the only Skull that needs to be turned off, but the other 13 Skulls must be turned on. The game also has to be played on Legendary difficulty and there is one last catch. You have to do all of this without dying once!

It may not sound too hard, but this challenge is one of the most difficult challenges someone can complete. In fact, this challenge has never been completed before by any person ever. That means if this challenge is completed, they make history as the first person to ever accomplish this feat. Many people that have attempted this challenge have not even gotten past the first level. According to Cr1tikal, there are only two people that he has seen ever get past the first level consistently and they have died later on in the campaign. Once you die, it is back to the beginning you go.

You can do this challenge in either the original Halo 2 video game or the Halo 2: Anniversary game. Whatever game is easier for you, but the original Halo 2 is said to be the easier route to go if you are trying to attempt this challenge.

The last major thing you should know is that your LASO run has to be streamed in order to show proof. If you think you have successfully completed this insane challenge, you can submit your video to Cr1tikal and he will review the footage to make sure you didn’t cheat. LASO runs are hard enough even when dying is allowed but doing it without dying has to be near impossible. Halo 2 is also widely known as the hardest campaign in the Halo franchise to beat on Legendary difficulty.

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If this crazy challenge is something that you want to tackle and potentially get your hands on $20,000, you can start as soon as right now. Will this challenge ever be completed? Who knows. However, if you are able to complete it, you will have a nice little $20,000 coming your way from Cr1tikal himself.