Stray: Where to find Red, Purple and Yellow Plants in Antvillage

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In Chapter 9 of Stray, you’ll find yourself in Antvillage. As you explore this area, you might come across a character named Malo. Talking to Malo, you’ll be asked to find three plants — Red, Purple and Yellow — to help them create some unique paint colors. Here are the locations for each of the paint plants.

Where to find Red, Purple and Yellow Plants in Antvillage

Luckily, all three plans are located within Antvillage. But even though you won’t have to travel far, you’ll need to keep an open eye and think outside the box to find them.

Red Plant location

If you’re starting at the very bottom level of Antvillage, jump up the first ladder to the left and walk forward. You’ll see two robots playing a board game. Behidn them is a bucket that you can hop into and ride down to an area with two more robots searching through garbage. Next to them is a large tree which you can hop onto a nearby box and take the Red Plant.

As a side note, make sure you interrupt the two robots playing the board game as you’ll get a Trophy.

Purple Plant location

After you get the Red Plant, turn around and head back up. Jump across the barrels in front of the waterfall and then make your way up the wooden boards back up to the main village platform (you’ll see the two robots playing a board game).

Run past the robots and jump onto the big tree branch directly in front of you. Make your way up the trees and you’ll find the Purple Plant.

Yellow Plant location

Go back down the tree branch to the platform and head to your left. Jump u the ladder and up the side of the wall to get to the next level. Run past Zbaltazar and jump across the gap. Walk past Cookime towards the couch. Behind the couch is a pipe that you can walk onto. Go a forward onto the pipe and you’ll find the Yellow Plant.

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Once you have all three Plants, return to Malo and you’ll receive the Plant Badge.