Stray: How to get the Worker Hat and Jacket

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The following is a walkthrough for a specific puzzle in Chapter 10 of Stray. After leaving Antvillage, you’ll find yourself in Midtown, another sort of open hub city. As you progress through this area, you’ll eventually find Clementine, a wanted robot who will help you escape the city. But in order to do so, you’ll need to start the old subway line, which requires an Atomic Battery to power it.

The Atomic Battery is found in the Neco Corp recycling plant that, unfortunately, is restricted. Thankfully, Clementine has a contact who can help you sneak in. Once you find Clementine’s contact, who goes by the name Blazer, you’ll be asked to him them find a Worker Hat and Worker Jacket. There’s  no particular order in which to find these two items, so here’s how to get them both.

Stray Chapter 10: How to get the Worker Hat

In the main plaza of Midtown, you’ll see a Hat Shop with a delivery truck outside. Unfortunately, the owner isn’t letting anyone inside until the shop has been restocked. The nearby delivery robot in a yellow vest is upset about their coworker “slacking off at the Bar.”

Oskoor mentions that their co-worker Stuplachee is at the bar, which you can find across from the hat shop. Head into the back room area of the bar and you’ll see a Stuplachee passed out on the table. To wake him up, jump to the top of the shelf and go all the way to the end. You’ll be able to knock over a bunch of glass bottles, creating a loud noise that’ll wake the robot.

As the co-worker returns, jump into the green and white Neco Corp box at their feet. They will carry you right into the shop. Once the box is set down, jump out and head to the front window display. Grab the yellow Worker Hat and sneak through the little vent to the left side of the display.

Stray Chapter 10: How to get the Worker Jacket

To the left of the main plaza, you’ll find a clothing store. The mannequin with the red Worker Jacket is right in the front, but so is the owner. Talking to the owner, they’ll complain about loud music, so now you know how to distract them.

Return to the living quarters where Clementine is located and you’ll see three robots; one of them is holding a large cassette player, while another one is  sitting next to a stack of cassette tapes. Talk to them and you’ll be asked to help them disable the three surveillance cameras in the complex so they can do what they want without being spied on by the Sentinels.

Head to the second floor of the complex.  One camera is on top of a sign near a yellow cable. A second camera is across the way (you’ll see the robot waving at it), and the third camera is on the hallway wall. As you run to the other side, jump onto the two crates, then the shelf and then the camera. Once you disable that one, jump down and disable the third camera over the ledge.

Once you disable all three cameras, return to the robots and talk to Simon. You’ll be given a cassette tape as a prize.

Return to the clothing store, head to the back room and put it inside the cassette player. The manager will head to the back to turn it off. While he’s gone, take the Worker Jacket off the mannequin.

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Return to Blazer and sneak into Neco Corp.