15 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet need to bring back before I lose my mind

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3) Deerling/Sawsbuck

Deerling and Sawsbuck gave us four gorgeous deer variants that represented the four seasons. In having them it gave us four different versions to try to seek out and find. They’re cute, majestic, and allow for various visual variety meaning two trainers that use Sawsbuck might encounter different forms.

With all this in mind, it was really surprising when Pokemon Legends Arceus wanted a majestic Pokemon for a noble and they went with Stantler. Mind you, that kid never got any attention before so it was mostly deserved but still, forests filled with just Stanters was kinda boring.

I’d love to see these seasonal deer return to liven up the areas.

2) Girafarig

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So, if I’m understanding it, in 20+ years of Pokemon there has only been one Pokemon inspired by a giraffe, notably one of the strangest land animals ever. And this giraffe has the back end of its body engulfed in darkness. And this back end has, instead of a tail, a secondary demonic head resembling a Chain Chomp from Mario. You’re telling me all this plus the fact that it has psychic powers and Game Freak has done NOTHING with this?

If you itemized all the potential things you can do with this Pokemon, the list would be longer than its combined necks. Bring it back, give it an evolution where it can actually be giraffe height, and let me encounter it in the wild eating from high-up leaves from trees. Preferably let me encounter it from the front. I don’t wanna know what that booty do.

1) Meloetta

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Okay, I may have lied a tiny bit. While I will fully admit that I took items 2-15 of this list, hopped over to random dot org, and made sure this list was fully random I saved spot one and I’m sorry for leading you astray but there’s only one Pokemon that’s my number one and it’s Meloetta.

Meloetta is unique for even a Mythical Pokemon. It has a special move called Relic Song that’s unique only to her. When she uses the move, all opponents’ Pokemon are hit hard and with a 10% chance to fall asleep. But it doesn’t stop there. Using this move ALSO changes Meloetta’s form from Aria form, which is Normal and Psychic with a boost in Special Attack to her Pirouette Form which is Normal and Fighting with a boost in Physical Attack.

So not only does she look cool but hitting all enemies, possibly putting them to sleep, and changing up her form in one move makes for a really fun way to change things up in battle and it absolutely kills me she’s only appeared in Black and White. She’s been sitting in Pokemon Home for what feels like forever, waiting for the day when someone awakens her like a long sleeping genie.

Game Freak, free her you (pocket) monsters.