15 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet need to bring back before I lose my mind

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6) Pansage(sear/pour)/Simisage(sear/pour)

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Originally this trio of monkeys was specifically designed for an interesting gym in Pokemon Black and White where depending on which starter you picked, you’d have to face off against one of three gym leaders with one of these guys.

Honestly, while I’m not really huge on these, it seems like Pokemon games always need monkeys and for some reason, it’s ALWAYS Aipom. Having these three would allow for some more variety in the apes running around the game. Heck, maybe add one or two near ones like Panpixie as a Fairy-type or Panpolar for an ice-type.

5) Houndour/Houndoom

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First off, let me get it out there, I want a dog team. I want a team where my Zygarde 10% can lead five other puppers into battle. I want that. But there are other reasons to include the goodest of the Dark-types.

We need more Dark-types. Despite Sword and Shield adding a Dark-type Gym, this particular type classification is pretty low. In fact, if it wasn’t for Steel and Fairy, Dark-type would be the least represented type. I want more Dark-types, I want more Fire-types, I want more dogs. This would tick a lot of boxes for me. Plus, I always felt that this one deserved a secondary evolution.

4) Doduo/Dodrio

I love Doduo and Dodrio. This one is so easy for me to justify. It’s a big, tall idiot with a round body, conflicting thoughts, and terrible spacial awareness, just like me. And when I thought I couldn’t love it more Nintendo made it the best mount in Pokemon Let’s Go where you ride straddling a Dodrio while straddling the middle neck.

Even in Pokemon Snap when they surprised everyone by adding a new area where that required you to shrink to access it, it featured a light story that involved several smaller Pokemon being terrorized by a chaotic Dodrio.

I want to see it back. No changes are needed, just give me back my big stupid child.