15 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet need to bring back before I lose my mind

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9) Minior

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Minior’s are weird Rock-type Pokemon that were, literally, thrown into Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alola region with little fanfare but I loved them immediately.

One of the many Pokemon that prove that some Pokemon come to space, this one does so by literally crash landing on Earth from beyond the atmosphere where its outer shell eventually cracks revealing a shiny colorful floating star being that…then dies. Unless you catch it quickly enough of course.

In battle, Miniors aren’t the most useful with the exception of their ability that allows them a rocky outer shield for one hit, but they’re awesome looking and can make certain areas look much more mythical as Miniors of various colors float around being all cute and floaty.

8) Komala

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Depending on how much work you want to put into thinking about it, Komala is potentially one of the cutest or most tragic Pokemon out there. This koala, an animal the Pokemon franchise somehow took SEVERAL generations to realize would make a good Pokemon, is asleep, as it says in the image, “from birth to death”.

While a sleeping koala is cute, it spending its life in a coma is depressing, and then trying to imagine what dreams are like if you’ve never experienced existence is MADDENING.

So why would I want to see Komala return then? The answer is stupid and simple. I want to see this adorable thing sitting around in the tree branches and occasionally laying on the ground as I run through the woods.

7) Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught

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Here’s something that kills me. Generation VI introduced Pokemon X and Y, and with it, one of my favorite trios of starters ever. In Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie we had a beautifully designed trio that each became wildly unique Pokemon, unlike anything we’ve seen from the series before. Froakie was the most popular, evolving into Greninja, a ninja Pokemon so popular they even included it in Smash Bros. Fennekin evolved into Delphox, a magic fox with a flaming stick wand, and my personal favorite is Chespin, who evolved into the adorable and spiky Chesnaught.

Maybe it’s because I’m from Ohio where we have a stupid obsession with buckeyes, but having one based on the outer shell was great and I loved the look so much. Like, the whole evolutionary line is wonderful, but Chesnaught’s design is incredible. It’s complex but simple all at once giving it so much personality that, honestly, is rare for final forms of grass starters.