15 Pokemon Scarlet & Violet need to bring back before I lose my mind

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12) Torchic/Combusken/Blaziken

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Okay, I know, Fire/Fighting starters aren’t exactly rare, but Blaziken is undeniably one of the best looking. It’s simplistic while somehow conveying both speed and power with a single glance. Every part of it’s design makes it look like a living motion blur.

And what’s even better, is that the inclusion of Blaziken also means the inclusion of Torchic and Combusken fixing a problem many Pokemon games have. Tons of farms, precious little chickens. Give us more chickens you cowards.

Also, if they ever dip back into the concept of Mega Pokemon, Blaziken’s mega form looks fantastic and I’d love to see it return.

11) Zangoose and Seviper

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I know that these are two drastically different Pokemon that shouldn’t have one entry, technically, but these are the only two I can think of that have had an eons-long blood feud.

Not only is the feud something that the games have just straight-up ignored, but another thing people tend to ignore is the Superman/Bizarro qualities to their design.

Zangoose and Seviper not only have great designs, but Zangoose also has a red Z on his chest like Superman’s crest while Seviper has an S in Bizarro purple. I’d love to see these two return, especially with Scarlet and Violet, they’d be fun ones to have as game exclusives you’d need to trade for. Maybe finally give them evolutions.

10) Snubbull/Granbull

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This one was a weird one for me. I put this on the list despite there being others I like more but there’s a reason for this one. The type. Fairy-type Pokemon were a great addition to the game and if you don’t agree, you weren’t alive before Fairy-types were added because damn was it just all about Dragon-types prior to their inclusion.

But the issue is that we keep getting left with the WORST of the Fairy types. Sure, Snubbull and Granbull are a little wonky of a design, but boy oh boy will I take it over the ones we keep getting like Milcery, Swirlix, and Spitzee that just look like gross floating lumps of stuff. And Impidimp? That thing looked like it came out of the wrong game.

Snubbull is not the best design in the history of Pokemon games but he’s got two things over most of the other Fairies. It’s clear what it’s supposed to be, and it looks like an actual Pokemon. Plus, having more Fairy-type with good physical strength ain’t a bad thing.