Firework Flare Gun returns to Fortnite in Hotfix update

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The Firework Flare Gun has been added to Fortnite with the Hotfix Update. It is a new and revamped version of the traditional Flare Gun, which makes it look more like a real firearm. The gun itself fires firecrackers that look like fireworks, but make no mistake – they can be explosive if shot into structures or other walls/roofs.

The Fortnite Firework Flare Gun is a long-range weapon available in the Season 3 Battle Pass. It shoots out fireworks that can bounce off walls, ceilings, and the ground. The five-round clip also offers support for additional ammo, since it fires rounds with a pin that can be removed and reloaded after each use. The Firework Flare Gun is a solid long-range weapon to have while teaming up with your friends or getting into scraps with other players on the map.

How to Find Firework Flare Gun in Fornite in Chapter 3 Season 3?

Firework Flare Gun is a chaotic, multi-purpose weapon and was a favorite among players until Fortnite removed it from the game a while ago. Now it’s back and among Repair Torches and Butterfly Jars, players can use this to delve into chaos supreme. This Weapon can be found in chests, rare chests, supply drops, and Loot Llamas. If you’re lucky enough you might find it as floor loot too. It is a fun and chaotic weapon that scans opponents by shooting fireworks.

Fortnite Firework Flare Gun Specifications:

  • Damage: 60
  • DPS: 34
  • Mag Size: 6
  • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds

The Flare Gun is a cosmetic item that adds a new flair to add to your Wild West experience. By holding the flare gun in hand, you will be able to shoot the flare towards the sky and watch it turn into a spectacular fireworks show. The new skin gives the flare gun a fun look that wasn’t present before, and it is perfect for this Season’s theme, Vibin.

With all the fireworks and celebrations going on, players can complete the No Sweat Summer events, which is full of fun and spice. More content is coming soon and with that update, everyone might see something significant about the game’s future plans. The next update should be big so it will be an exciting time for all of us as we eagerly wait for it.