Elden Ring: The story of the Makutu Apparition of Fountain City

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Spirit of The Butterfly

Due to her mastery of the Full Moon, her years of experience, and her general likability, Artrinia earned a high ranking at Raya Lucaria and soon became one of the most respected leaders in the Lands Between. Meanwhile, Yanessa was still carrying out her duties of traveling and bringing justice for the innocent, and completing odd jobs along the way. And as always, she always managed to make her way back home, and seeing her mother adorned in Raya royalty and held in such high regard put a smile on her face. She even did a small, humorous curtsey when she walked into the large Academy room to greet her mother.

“Your royal, magical highness of the grand school! Tis’ good to see thee again!”, Yanessa said with a smirk on her face as Artrinia let out a soft laugh.

After some time went by, Artrinia fell into an illness after being a beloved figure at Raya Lucaria Academy and the Lands Between as a whole for years. Yanessa would visit her gravesite frequently, sometimes making the trek back to Fountain City to grab cherry blossom flowers to place. She would also try talking to her mother and give her updates and what was going on in the world.

One night, after plenty of studying in an attempt to grow her sorcery intelligence, Yanessa once again attempted to perform Renalla’s Full Moon but once again, nothing occurred. Although she was still willing to learn the ways of her mother, Renalla, Ranni, and others, she started to come to a realization that maybe her magic was simply limited and that she was born to be a melee fighter.

While preparing to rest for the night, a mysterious flying creature flew into her bedroom. It was a butterfly but this one was glowing with a blueish color. Yanessa would reach her finger out and touch it very gently. Right after this occurs, the butterfly vanishes in a sparkling manner and appears to fly into Yanessa’s chest.

Immediately, she started to feel dizzy as her arms and legs began trembling and she would then pass out. In what seemed like a dream, Yanessa woke up and could feel her body as if she were actually there. As she gathered herself, she noticed that she was on a cliff, surrounded by green grass and cherry blossom trees. It felt familiar. She then saw a figure standing at the edge of the cliff, staring at the world ahead of her. It was Artrinia, Yanessa’s mother peering over Fountain City in its full glory from the top.

“Oh, Yanessa. My sweet, sweet Yanessa,” she said as her daughter slowly walked toward her. “Still in pursuit of the art of powerful magic, I see? That is my girl. So bright with the books but also skilled and fearless with the blade. I just want you to know that I will always be by your side. Also, never lose sight of the kindness that you have and the protectiveness you have of the innocence. It’s a cold world out there my dear, and it will only get colder so never forget what is imbued in your heart. Now go forth, daughter. You are Yanessa of Fountain City, and you shall rise…”

Awaken and feeling a headache, Yanessa once again needed to gather herself and understand what just happened. Looking down at her hand, she saw a blue mark that appeared to be internal. Staring into space, she soon realized that the mark possibly came from the strange butterfly that flew into her. And the fact that she found herself talking to her mother made her start to put the pieces together. Did Yanessa absorb the soul of her mom, who took the shape of a magical butterfly?

The next day, Yanessa set off, seeking opportunities in the Lands Between. Along the way, she met a Finger Reader Crone. The Finger Reader simply asked “Fountain City?”.

“Yes”, Yanessa said.

“Ahh, the land of makutu users,” the Finger Reader said.

In Fountain City, Makutu was essentially another word for magic or incantations.

“Magic and a sharp blade. Ahh, what an interesting combination. Utilizing spells and shadowy like an apparition. May your power continue to grow, Makutu Apparition”.

“Makutu Apparition?,” Yanessa thought. “Makutu Apparition…”

While moving along, a massive group of Godrick soldiers quickly started to come towards her direction out of nowhere. Readying her blade, she wasn’t going to back down from a battle, no matter how many soldiers there were. As they neared, she felt a weird fluttering in her chest and the words of her mother that said “your time has come” echoed in her mind as she gained the sudden urge to attempt spells on the charging foes…

She rose in the air, curled up like a ball, and turned into a Full Moon…

The moon then fired right at some of the soldiers, defeating them instantly. All of sudden, Yanessa gained the power of the Raya magic her mother tried to teach. She eliminated foes one after another and finished off the rest of them with the devastating Comet Azur spell, which was one that she never attempted nor did she know that Artrinia knew. After all of the enemies were downed, Yanessa looked down in disbelief at her sorceress staff, one she didn’t use much because her magic wasn’t powerful enough.

“Mother…she said. You did this?. Well, I am certainly at a loss for words, to say the least.” She said as she walked down the path as high winds blew on her feathery cape.“ But I promise…I will not let you down…for upon my name as Yanessa, The Makutu Apparition of the great Fountain City…and not nothing shall stop me in my pursuit of bringing chaos to its knees and freeing the land’s peaceful inhabitants from the shackles of evil…”