Elden Ring: The story of the Makutu Apparition of Fountain City

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A Bit of Fountain City History

Back in their homeland, Fountain City College was an iconic location in town and housed spells not known to those in the Lands Between. Among others, Misty Flowers was a popular spell among students as it was harmless and was pretty to look at. It was a spell that usually made it easy to distract others, so on occasion, students would use the spell to pull small pranks on their friends. When cast, mist-like flowers of different colors would float around and the higher the Intelligence of the caster, the more flowers would appear.

A mysterious spell called Mind’s Eye was another form of magic that was pretty popular as well for sorcerers although no one is sure where it came from as it wasn’t taught in school. The rumor was that it originated from the ancient land of Alejandria but nobody knows if the grand city still even exists. The spell allowed the caster to read and see the thoughts and dreams of humans and even animals. It was sometimes helpful if a caster was trying to figure out the thoughts and emotions of others and if the thoughts were sad, the caster can comfort them, now understanding how the person truly feels.

It has also prevented crimes from occurring as well, as sometimes, people would have the thought of doing unholy deeds so the caster would know ahead of time before the crime occurs and would warn others. But, the spell ended up getting banned due to the invasion of the privacy of the human mind. The archmage of the school used a unique kind of magic to dispel the Mind’s Eye from anyone who had it. This occurred during a ceremony in Fountain City.

Two of the most powerful and sought-after spells, however, were the Butterfly Storm and Wrath of the Sea. Sorcerers who were trained in using their magic in combat saw these spells as the Holy Grail. The Butterfly Storm allows the caster to grow a pair of magical, butterfly-like wings which lets you fly in the air for a short period of time while also enhancing the power of your staff giving sorcerers the chance to unleash great power from the skies down on their foes, even for a short while.

The Wrath of the Sea turns the caster into a watery figure for a period of time while also wielding powerful, lightning abilities like that of an electric eel. A beam of lightning can then be shot from the wielder’s hands dealing both damage with the water and the lightning.

Although a scholar and partial magic user herself, Yanessa never reached the point where she learned these spells. She did however learn both the Misty Flowers and Mind’s Eye spell but only uses them when totally necessary. She was outside of the city, practicing her archery skills and reading books amongst nature when the mass dispelling occurred so she was able to maintain The Mind’s Eye in secret.

Artrinia came close to obtaining the Butterfly Storm but never got close to getting the Wrath of the Sea. However, after plenty of studying and regular visits up to the legendary Raya Lucaria Academy working alongside Renalla, Artrinia managed to learn and master Renalla’s Full Moon spell and attempted to pass it along to Yanessa to no avail as the young, bright assassin somehow couldn’t figure out the spell.