Elden Ring: The story of the Makutu Apparition of Fountain City

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Elden Ring is one of the deepest games that From Software has ever released. It’s one of those games where, once you thought you’ve explored everything, you haven’t. And as with all of the games in the “Soulsborne” series, there’s a ton of cool lore to uncover.

With most lore in games like Elden Ring, you’ll see characters who are not from the land where the game takes place. Iconic Dark Souls NPCs like Solaire and Seigmeyer come from Astora and Catarina respectively while a character like Dusk and other magic-like NPCs came from Oolacile (ooo la la).

The characters and the history of the lands all have stories to tell and it’s always fun to dive into a good reading session on the lore of Elden Ring and other similar games. I decided to pen a lore story about a fresh new character from a far land. The idea popped into my head and the story ended up being a bit longer than expected.

This Elden Ring-inspired lore story tells the tale of a heroic assassin and her connection with her mother and magic. This is the short story of Yanessa. Thank you very much for reading, Elden Lord.

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A New Tarnished Rises

Yanessa is an assassin against the evils and monstrosities of The Lands Between and beyond. Her personality can be described as unpredictable. She can be as serious as they come but also possesses an excellent sense of humor as well. A lone adventurer, she is also a scholar who is very intelligent and absorbs knowledge any chance that she can get. That, and learning more about the history of the locations she visits.

Part of this reason is that her mother, Artrinia, a sorceress was heavily a scholar herself, and many times, a young Yanessa would join her mother in her studies. This gave the mother and daughter a deep connection and overall strong bond.

Although intimidating and dangerous, Yanessa is a kind-hearted person and wants the best for those who just want peace. A civil war occurred in her homeland of Fountain City, a place that’s well outside of the Lands Between. A once incredibly beautiful palace with waterfalls, flowers, and cherry blossom trees, wasn’t quite the same anymore although remnants of its charm still remain.

The war caused Atrinia and Yanessa to flee the scene safely. Angered by the destruction, Yanessa wanted to do everything in her power to keep others safe from evil in the world and bring peace across the lands so she trained as an assassin, wielding and mastering the use of her now beloved katana that she calls “Jinshia”. She would be hired to eliminate evil, high-ranking members of society as well as beastly creatures and warriors who were driven by madness.

Atrinia wasn’t comfortable with her beloved daughter putting herself in danger like this but also respected her decision, even reluctantly. Soon, Yanessa started traveling everywhere she could for different opportunities. Assignment by assignment, Yanessa quickly became one of the more respected assassins and monster hunters in the land while also being highly regarded as a good worker when it came to passive jobs. When working regular jobs, Yanessa was just a normal girl who dropped some knowledge and make others laugh at times. Because of this, many wouldn’t suspect her to be a freelance assassin.

Her stealthiness combined with her wits made for a deadly combination. Her intelligence helped her quickly recognize and avoid traps while her stealthy ability kept her out of the way of other forms of harm, like a shadow in the night.

After loads of hard work with missions and other duties, Yanessa finally returned home to her mother. As always, Atrinia was deep into her studies, and just like in times of old, she and Yanessa would study together while they had the chance. Unbeknownst to Yanessa, Atrina mastered a form of sorcery while her daughter was away…