Pokemon Unite leaks: Shop to have discounts on Unite License, new additions and more

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The latest Pokemon Unite datamine has revealed that the shop will be offering huge discounts in the year 2022, allowing players to get more Pokemon, fashion sets and holowear at a much lower cost. There will also be a few new items added to the shop, including a new fashion set called “Pikachu” and a new holowear called “Pokemon Pikachu”.

Pokemon Unite Leak: Shop Discounts

Discounts are said to be coming to some of the most popular Pokemon, including Machamp, Garchomp, Mr. Mime, Mamoswine, and Aegislash. The discounts also include reductions on Aeons coin cost of some Pokemon as well as the cost of Aeons gems.

Final Thoughts

ElChicoEevee – The data leaker – has tweeted glimpses of discounts. However, the discounts shown are not in the game but are in the coding language. The code shows some additions to the game along with its release dates. If true, this would certainly be welcomed.

Pokemon Unite is free to play online mobile game developed by Nintendo. The players can buy and sell Pokemon at the Pokemon Shop. The game allows players to battle against each other using their own Pokemon, with gameplay mechanics similar to popular MOBA titles.

The game features a PvP mode called Battle Mode, where players can fight against each other using their Pokemon. The player can earn points by defeating opponents and winning battles. Points can then be exchanged for rewards including coins, gems, and holoware. The game also offers a PvE mode called Adventure Mode, where players can explore different areas and collect items.

Pokemon Unite is currently playable on ioS and Android mobile devices as well as the Nintendo Switch.