PS Plus: 5 hidden gems in the new PlayStation Plus Collection

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Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories

Okay, this one was a toss-up. While it’s not technically that great of a game, I think it should be played just because it’s so damned unique.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories: Long Name is Long has your character navigating Japan during a time of earthquakes, fires, and other major disasters. Navigate through a modern city as buildings fall, fires burn, and streets flood.

Along the way, encounter other survivors who might need your help or try to steal from you. The choices you make on saving people and interacting with people heavily determines later events in the game.

Graphically, the game is pretty meh. The city itself is okay but the characters have this weird shininess that makes me uncomfortable. They also seem to be unable to touch each other as you can see in the trailer when the weird bathroom guy puts his hand on your character’s shoulder and it just kinda hovers there.

It’s also remarkably slow-paced for something that could have been one of the most exciting games ever. But ultimately it’s a very unique game that, despite its multitude of flaws, deserves a playthrough just for the experience of it. Also, I think this would make a great game for someone to stream but mostly because I want to desperately watch someone react to the stranger moments in this title.

Final Fantasy X-2

Okay, so technically this is part of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 download and I know that X-2 gets a bad wrap but shut up. Just…shut up. Hear me out.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a game made for fans. It’s a fan service game. It’s impossible to ignore that. But it’s a GOOD fan service game.

Unlike most Final Fantasy games in which you have a multitude of characters each with their own set abilities and skills, you take control of the Gullwings, a trio of two returning characters, Yuna and Rikku, as well as newcomer Payne.

Unlike other Final Fantasy games, this thing is streamlined into something that’s playable in short sessions. There’s no wondering endless maps, you actually fly your ship everywhere you need to go and then explore the smaller maps. The story points are brief and almost episodic. And the costume design is insane.

The costumes play a massive role in the game too as your trio has started to master things called “dresspheres”. Each character has a grid they can equip the dresspheres too and each one comes with a particular class and their skills. And once a turn you can have any of your characters switch to a new class.

Fighting flans? A Black Mage’s magic will destroy them. Gunners can shoot down flying enemies. Songstress works like a bard. Gun Mages can learn enemy attacks like a Blue Mage and fire them out a gun. And so so so many more.

And when you switch classes, brace yourself. Your character doesn’t just go through a bright light and wear a new costume. No no no. They go through a full-on, Sailor Moon style, magical costume change. Here are the ones just for Yuna.

With the real fun mechanic of trying to find new dress spheres and with them, new skills, and trying to set up your characters so that your trio can handle any situation. And, honestly, with the really goofy but fun story that respects your time and rarely requires you to search for hours for something or grind out XP, Final Fantasy X-2 is an oft-ignored gem of a game you should at least check out once.