Disney Mirrorverse: How to quickly farm for Arctic Fragments

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Disney Mirrorverse officially launched this week and if you’ve downloaded Kabam’s latest free-to-play action RPG, starring your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, then you’ve probably seen the many in-game events going on. One of them is the Dawn of Hope event, which is unlocked at Chapter 2 (Normal). This event, which runs for 28 Days, includes the ‘A Frosty Unraveling” event quest (June 22 – July 6) and “Hopeful Heroism” event quest (July 6 – July 20). This event introduces “Arctic Fragments.”

Arctic Fragments are a special type of currency that you can trade for valuable goods in Anna’s Treasures, a limited-time special store. Arctic Fragments can be spent to purchase Famed Crystal (which gives you a boosted chance when searching for a specific Guardian), profile icons and frames, Diamonds and XP Motes and more.

How do you get Arctic Fragments in Disney Mirrorverse?

Arctic Fragments can be obtained by completing levels in “A Frosty Unraveling,” a limited-time event that currently has 12 days remaining at the time of this writing. The description reads:

"“Join Elsa and Woody as they protect a new power source from falling into the hands of the Fractured!”"

There are five different encounters in “A Frosty Unraveling.” Completing them will reward you with Arctic Fragments. There are there objectives for each encounter:

  • Complete the encounter
  • Complete with at least 2 Guardians remaining
  • Complete with 3 Guardians remaining

Completing each one will reward you with a Star level, for a maximum of 3 Stars when you complete it. Each star level has a one-time Arctic Fragment reward. So completing all five stages with 3 Stars will get you a handful of Arctic Fragments.

There are also two additional encounters that have restrictions. One of them requires you to bring only Elsa into the battle. Completing this once will get you a one-time batch of Arctic Fragments.

Each encounter in “A Frosty Unraveling” does have a cooldown, unfortunately, so you can just repeatedly spam each one. This limits how quickly you can farm Arctic Fragments. The good news is there Hard and Expert difficulty levels for this event as well, giving you additional levels to complete and earn Arctic Fragments. These also have cooldowns.

Another way to earn Arctic Fragments is through the “Special Objectives.” Similar to the Daily, Journey and Achievement Objectives, these Special Objectives are specifically related to the “A Frosty Unraveling” event.

Completing these Special Objectives will reward you with Arctic Fragments. Some examples of these objectives include ranking and leveling up Elsa, which means you can only complete these if you have Elsa as a Guardian (so a Famed Crystal pull might be worth it to get her). Other objectives, including defeating enemies with Woody on your team, opening Crystals during the Dawn of Hope event, and winning Encounters in the Dawn of Hope event. There are tons of Special Objectives so just check the list in-game.

In addition to completing missions, there is a Dawn of Hope calendar that provides free rewards every day. Some of these rewards include Arctic Fragments.