3 more games coming to Xbox Game Pass in June 2022

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June has been quite the treat for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. There have been many new additions to the Xbox Game Pass this month that has added tons of new content for gamers. However, June is not over yet and there are still a handful of video games coming to the Xbox Game Pass in the next week or so.

So far this month, the Xbox Game Pass has added For Honor: Marching Fire Edition, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and even TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge which debuted on the Game Pass on day one of its release on June 16. These were just the tip of the iceberg as many other titles has also come along earlier this month.

With only a handful of days left in June, there are still some great video games and fan favorites that will be coming to the service very soon. On June 23, gamers will be able to play Naraka: Bladepoint and FIFA 22. FIFA 22 will be included in the Xbox Game Pass with EA Play and should be something soccer fans will be chomping at the bit to play if they haven’t gotten the chance to already.

I know July 1 is not technically June, but it is close enough to mention that Far Cry 5 will be coming to the service that day. Far Cry 5 has been one of the most popular video game franchises of the past decade and now you will have the chance to play Far Cry 5 for free starting July 1.

Also, if you haven’t gotten the chance to try PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate yet, you can get your first 3 months for only the price of $1. This deal includes EA Play so you will get all EA Play games included with the service, including FIFA 22 on June 23. This is a great service for gamers who love to discover new games and play some of their favorite video games at just one monthly low cost.

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June 2022 proved that Microsoft doesn’t plan on slowing down with new additions any time soon. The Xbox Game Pass just keeps growing and growing. The $1 for your first 3 months deal makes this a perfect time to join and try out some of these games. June was a decently big month for the Xbox Game Pass, let’s see what July 2022 brings.