Aspyr admits Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is unbeatable on Switch, then makes bizarre choice

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(Note: This article was written on Wednesday, June 22nd at 10AM EST. In case something changes.)

So, people have realized that since the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II re-release by Aspyr came out on Switch, there’s a wee bit of a problem. After a particular mid-game cutscene, the game crashes and shuts down. No exception, no way around it. Because of this, you can’t beat the game. Period. End of.

After some prodding and, presumably Aspyr finally realizing Reddit exists and they can only ignore it for so long, the developer admitted to the problem…via a response to one of their own tweets.

This was not admitted on their main page but rather a response buried within a separate tweet encouraging people to buy their rerelease.

Now, I get it, KOTOR II is famously cursed. Hell, part of the reason I think we went so long without a re-release of the first KOTOR is that whoever made the first one would be obligated to make the second and KOTOR II is well known for being impossible to work with.

But here’s the thing. This happens with 100% of the players that play on Switch with no exception meaning that if this game would have undergone proper testing, ANY tester would have documented this and it could have been worked on before release.

Instead, what we’re seeing is yet another company outsourcing their testing to a company and only paying for a small amount of time to save cash. If the game is playable from the start, it must be working. Sell, sell, sell.

But apparently, Aspyr hasn’t gotten to the “find out” part of the “f— around and…” game because while there hasn’t been a patch to fix this massive problem, as of the time of this writing, they have done something else with the Switch version.

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As of right now, the game is currently on sale for a whopping one penny off.

In doing so, this now puts KOTOR II on the sales page of the Nintendo Switch. It’s a shady tactic many developers have been using as they know the sales tab is the most commonly viewed section of the Nintendo Switch’s eShop.

Now, as there is no estimated date on when a patch is going to roll out and fix the issue so that the game is ACTUALLY PLAYABLE, this does give me pause for alarm.

See, and this is just speculation, it seems really weird that a company that has just been exposed in the media for a problem they damn sure should have been aware of, suddenly wants their game on the Switch sale shop. I’m not a betting man, but given how damn near impossible it is to get a refund on a digital Switch game, it almost feels like they’re trying to get as many copies of it sold before they throw in the towel.

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Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the game will be patched and I can finally bring myself to purchase it. But maybe I’m right. We don’t know but, honestly, buyer beware for right now. But I would absolutely love to be wrong on this.