Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge: 10 TMNT characters that would make great DLC

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Alright, hear me out on this one. Jay doesn’t have much of an exciting name but I love the way this character looks and I’d love this little guy to get time to shine.

Jay was a normal human before a mutagen bomb went off turning him into a hybrid poison tree frog. With his new appearance, he was shunned by both his parents and his boyfriend. Seriously, I’m fairly certain the majority of this list is bisexual or gay and I did not realize this until I started doing deep dives but like… so many of the characters in the TMNT universe are LGBTQIA+ and that’s pretty dope.

Now, much like the X-Men’s Rogue, Jay’s poison abilities mean he cannot be touched. And while that means his life is a depressing solitude when he’s not playing in Jennika’s band, it does mean he can be an interesting character in the Shredder’s Revenge game. Since Jay’s a little guy, he’d move fast and not do a lot of damage. But because of his poisonous touch, any enemy he’d hit would have health tick away a little at a time, making up for the lack of damage in prolonged damage over time.

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Originally Shredder’s pet falcon that later mutated, Koya’s got a fun past. Raised as a warrior, leader of a violent clan, lost her ability to fly after fighting Leonardo, joined Jannika’s band, and then gained spectral energy wings after fighting a deity, Koya’s got some story.

She also has an amazing look that would be fantastic in the game. I think the art style of the game would look phenomenal on this falcon.

Also, with her being a highly trained ninja and someone capable of flight I think we’d see a character with a lot of interesting aerial combos and ridiculously powerful kicks.