Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge: 10 TMNT characters that would make great DLC

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Mutagen Man “Seymour Gutz”

I know that normally I use images from the comics or the cartoons, but Seymour was one of my favorite action figures growing up because he was just so damn bizarre.

The Mutagen Man has a backstory that sounds so hilariously tragic that it feels like a Rick and Morty gag. See, he was a failed experiment to create a mutant possessing the traits of multiple animals. It fails so spectacularly that his body could no longer contain the rest of him so his organs were kept alive in a jar that, eventually, had limbs added to it he could control with his mind.

The tragedy of this character is that while most of the characters have motivations like having a band, fighting for good, and seeing honor brought to their clan, the Mutagen Man has only one recurring goal, to die. He just wants to die and no one will let him. Every time his dome has been broken, someone has brought him back to life in a new casing. Some better, some worse, and every time he opens his eye[stalks] he’s never happy to be back.

Seymour would make a really funny character to add as, not only would he easily be unique looking, you could have him groan in dismay every time he comes back from losing a life.

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Puggle and Bandit

Puggle and Bandit don’t really have a rich history in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lore, having only appeared a handful of times. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

Puggle is a mutant-born platypus and absolute hulking powerhouse. That’s the type of character TMNT games are sorely lacking in. Puggle could serve the role that Max Thunder did in Dotemu’s Streets of Rage 4.

In addition to being powerful, he’d also have his boyfriend riding his back. Bandit is the raccoon standing next to him. The two are rarely apart and when one is engaged in shenanigans, the other is usually mere feet away. While this pair would take some work to animate, I think it would be cool if Puggle’s combo attacks and specials equal Bandit hopping off the shoulders and doing follow-up attacks. similar to how “Spider-Man the Cat” works in the Miles Morales game where a cat will hop out of a backpack and deliver an additional hit.