Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge: 10 TMNT characters that would make great DLC

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Jennika “Jenny”

Jennika is amazing. For real. Originally, Jenny was a human and a ninja in the Foot Clan with a super complicated past filled with all sorts of fun hardship. Over time, she encountered Casey Jones, eventually getting to a point where the two of them were briefly in a relationship.

Sometime later, Jenny was involved in an accident where she needed a blood transfusion of she would absolutely die. The best person available at that moment was none other than the Ninja Turtles’ de facto leader, Leonardo. The blood transfusion saved her life but also turned her into a turtle raising the interesting question “what would happen if a vampire fed off a Ninja Turtle.”

From there, Jenny continued her training, often fighting alongside the Ninja Turtles while also starting a metal band called “Created in Darkness” after a time traveler told her that she should play in a band to give her something to focus on. It was during this time, she met Sheena, another woman that had a metal band of her own and the two eventually fell in love.

As for having her in the game, sure, does the game need a fifth Turtle? Debatable. But when you factor in that she fights with long claws, looks dope, and has a “heavy metal attitude” then the answer becomes “oh hell yes”. Oh, and as for Sheena…

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Sheena Murphy

Sheena is… a punk rocker. And, surprisingly, despite being named Sheena and being a punk rocker, her creator, Sophie Campbell, claims she never heard of the song before making the character. Big ups to the zeitgeist for that coincidence.

Sheena is the lead singer of the band “After the Bomb”. She was born a human-mutant pig and, after forming a relationship with the aforementioned Jennika, she started taking martial arts training and showing off some impressive strength.

Not only would Sheena be a great character in Shredder’s Revenge as a punk rock wig-wearing pig fighting with a mic stand, but it would also help add some much-needed female characters to the TMNT beat-em-ups.

Plus, tearing through the game with someone else one playing Sheena, one playing Jennika, sounds like one hell of a date night.