LEGO DOTS collabs with Sims FreePlay for new outfits and looks

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LEGO DOTS and the Sims FreePlay have announced a collaboration to provide players with a new way to express themselves. Both brands have much in common as they both emphasize self-expression.

The Sims FreePlay is a mobile video game that allows the users to create their own virtual world — with imagination and creativity — inspired by their own style, personality and dreams.

LEGO DOTS are creative sets that also allow kids to express themselves by adding faces, colors, sparkles and cool styles to their belongings. Things like pencil holders, notebooks, bracelets and more can be customized to truly show off who you are.

According to LEGO, there is no right way to design with LEGO DOTS. The same could probably be said about your Sims.

LEGO Dots and Sims FreePlay collab: New Products and Fun

Starting on June 13 and running until July 24 is the LEGO DOTS x The Sims FreePlay Live Event. The limited-time event will allow players to complete some set of challenges and claim exclusive rewards.

Using the Arts and Craft stations in-game will provide you with resources. When the players have claimed enough resources, they can unlock special rewards. You’ll be able to unlock up to ten exclusive DOTS products in The Sims FreePlay including a banana pencil holder, candy land bracelet, message boards, rainbow bracelet, stick-on canvas, stitch-on canvas, panda tray, and ice cream picture frame, plus inspired décor like a stylish outfit for preteen Sims, bright wallpapers, fabulous flooring, and fun décor items full of bold colours and special patterns.

Danni Hindi, Game Producer of The Sims FreePlay, said:

"“Our game developers worked directly with the team for their guidance so that we could ensure that players felt their Sims were accurately interacting with the real-life products from their retail line, and we are excited about what we were able to achieve. Both The Sims FreePlay™ mobile game and DOTS are suited to be taken with you on the go, everywhere and anywhere! We are extremely excited to bring DOTS sets into our game – the patterns, likeness and item scale – it took a lot of time and effort to get it absolutely right”"

The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play mobile game available on iOS and Android devices. Jump in now to take advantage of this special LEGO DOTS event.