Dragon Age: Dreadwolf officially announced but won’t be releasing this year

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Electronic Arts opted to skip its annual EA Play Live celebration this summer but that hasn’t stopped the publisher from making all sorts of exciting announcements and reveals. And the latest is the name of Dragon Age 4, which is now officially titled Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

We got new key art and broad details for the next chapter in BioWare’s epic fantasy RPG, including confirmation that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf won’t be releasing in 2022.

If you played Dragon Age: Inquisition, the name of this game may sound familiar as Dreadwolf is a reference to Solas. Solas is an elven mage party member and potential romance option in the the game. While much of his backstory and involvement in Inquisition can be read about in the Dragon Age Wiki, BioWare did provide some additional backstory a bit more in today’s announcement.

"“Solas, the Dread Wolf. Some say he might be an ancient elven god, but some say not. Others say a betrayer of his people…or a savior who now seeks to rescue them at the cost of your world. His motives are inscrutable and his methods sometimes questionable, earning him a reputation as something of a trickster deity—a player of dark and dangerous games.”"

This actually isn’t the first time Solas has been mentioned with Dragon Age 4, so we had a suspicion he’d be involved. At the 2020 Game Awards show, a cinematic trailer for Dragon Age 4 revealed the character.

Of course, at the time, it was unclear how involved he’d be with the story, but now it’s a bit more clear that he’ll be the main antagonist. The developer goes on to state that using Solas’s namesake “no doubt suggests a spectrum of endless possibilities on where things may go.” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for more details. BioWare promised more Dragon Age: Dreadwolf news later this year, and hopefully that comes with a first look at some gameplay.

Now for those who aren’t familiar with the Dragon Age franchise or Solas, it still sounds like BioWare intends for this game to be welcoming to newcomers. After all, this game is an RPG and you are the star. That being said, we’ll get more information about our main antagonist later on.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for EA. In May, the publisher announced that EA Motive’s Dead Space remake would release in January 2023. And today we learned that Madden NFL 23 will launch this August. What other surprises could be in store for us this summer?