Sniper Elite 5: Tips to beat game on Authentic difficulty

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Sniper Elite 5 has only been released for less than a week and there has been no shortage of things keeping us busy in it. While Sniper Elite 5 does offer plenty of other game modes to play, including multiplayer, the Sniper Elite franchise is built around challenging campaigns that test your skills as a sniper.

There are five various difficulties that you are able to choose from. Ranging from easiest to hardest we have Civilian (Very Easy), Cadet (Easy), Sharpshooter (Medium), Sniper Elite (Hard), and Authentic (Hardcore) to choose from. If you aren’t familiar with the Sniper Elite series, you might start off with the Sharpshooter difficulty or you may say screw it and jump right into Authentic difficulty.

If you do decide to try your luck with Authentic difficulty, you may want a few tips to get you through what will be a very challenging journey. Even some of the best Sniper Elite players won’t have a very easy time with the hardest difficulty the game has to offer.

Tips to beat Sniper Elite 5 on Authentic difficulty

Level up to unlock weapons, skills, etc.

The first tip is fairly simple. Don’t jump right into Authentic right away. The reason for this is that you can wait a while and level up to unlock different weapons, skills, and weapon customization. The more skills and weapons you have at your disposal, the more options you have when taking on a mission.

Be stealthy

Being a sniper means you are usually trying to be stealthy. This isn’t always the case, but more often than not turns out to be true. In Authentic difficulty, you are going to want to become extremely stealthy. Being extra cautious can’t hurt you. The last thing you want to do is to trip any alarms and have hordes of enemies chasing after you. It will not end well. Use bushes to your advantage and if a mission is going to take 5-10 extra minutes because you are being extra cautious, it is better that it takes a little bit extra time than continuously repeating the same missions over and over again.

Be quiet

Being stealthy also plays an important tip in being as quiet as possible, especially when you are taking sniper shots. There are ways to mask the sound of your shots. A silencer will obviously silence any weapon you put it on and help out a ton, but you can even use load noises that are part of Sniper Elite 5 to try and blend in your shots. The less attention that is focused on yourself will make Authentic difficulty a lot easier to handle.

By taking on the challenge of playing on Authentic, the game’s mechanics also change with it. There won’t be as much ammo to find, wind plays a huge factor in every one of your sniper shots, your HUD is disabled, and enemies are going to deal way more damage to you. It is not going to be as simple as aiming your shot and pressing a few buttons on your controller. Each shot will have to be perfectly placed and aimed depending on how far away you are from your enemy and how much the wind is blowing during that moment.

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There are nine missions that you are able to complete on Authentic difficulty. If you do eventually beat all nine missions, you not only feel a whole ton of accomplishment, but you will also unlock the “Best of the Best” Achievement/Trophy.

Is it possible to start up Sniper Elite 5 for the very first time and not be stealthy and play Authentic your very first time through the game? Sure. Is it something that is recommended? Absolutely not. You will go through your ups and downs, for sure, but take your time with Authentic difficulty and you will be fine. Level up to unlock your skills, be stealthy, silence your shots as much as possible, and you should have an easier time beating Sniper Elite 5 on Authentic difficulty.