Madden 23 leaks the six players in the ’99 Club’

It was a big weekend for Madden 23 as player ratings leaked across the internet. From this year’s top-rated quarterbacks to the top-rated wide receivers, there’s been plenty to talk about and debate this weekend.

Madden’s player ratings always draws great debate but perhaps nothing is more controversial than those who are selected for the “99 Club.” For those unfamiliar, Madden’s 99 Club is the designation for the select few players with a perfect 99 overall rating.

At the start of last season, there were only five members in Madden 22’s 99 Club: Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. By the Super Bowl update, there were six and the club looked a bit different with Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, Myles Garrett, Tom Brady and Travis Kelsey.

In Madden 23, there will supposedly be six players to start the season in the 99 Club. According to @Madden23Leaks, these six players are Patrick Mahomes, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett and TJ Watt.

Keep in mind that none of these ratings have been confirmed by EA yet and could change, but if this list is legitimate, well then I think it’s pretty fair. Of course, the responses were filled with back-and-forth arguments.

Some believe Patrick Mahomes no longer belongs in the 99 Club because of his down year last season. But EA takes into account more than just a single season and his past performances coupled with his future possibility at least warrants his spot to start of the season.

Surprisingly, Tom Brady is no longer in the club after playing his way into it last season. Even at 44 years old, Tom Brady put together the best statistical seasons of his career. Perhaps EA believes his age will finally catch up to him, but where have we heard that one before?

As for wide receivers, we knew from the previous position leaks that Adams and Kupp would be here, so it’s not too surprising. I think they both deserve a spot to start the season, but it will be interesting to see if they can match their production from last season. Adams is now with the Raiders and Kupp would have be Superman to repeat last season’s statline.

On the defensive side of the club, I think we can all agree Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett deserve to return.  The newest addition is TJ Watt, who many believed deserved to be in the club last year.

Watt is one of the best linebackers in the NFL, but a 99 rating, as EA puts it, “is a very exclusive club with players that have consistently performed at a high level.” Last year, we were told Watt is “on his way there” but he finished with just a 96 overall rating. After leading the league in sacks (22.5) last season, Watt finally cracked the club.

What do you think of the leaked 99 Club lineup for Madden 23. Do you agree these six players should be the top-rated players in the game?