Dislyte: Ten best character attacks and unique abilities

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8) – Heng Yue (Chang’e) – Undying Elixir

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Heng Yue is a healer and while you’re probably more than used to the concept of a healer…well…healing, no one does it with the passive blasé of Heng Yue here.

See, while she has an ability called Golden Moon which heals everyone for 30%, this can only be done every 4 turns which is a long damn time. But luckily she also has a passive skill called Undying Elixir.

If you didn’t know, a passive skill is something a character does without your input naturally without it costing you a turn. And in Heng Yue’s case, she uses a skill called Undying Elixir which, at the end of each turn, targets the teammate with the lowest HP, heals them 10% of their health and dispels a random debuff on them. If that character has less than 50% of their health left when this is done to them, they’re also granted the Recovery buff.

The Recovery buff heals that character for 15% of their max health at the start of every turn. And Undying Elixir will grant a character that for two turns. So in addition to the healing, she’s doing at the end of each turn, characters will also start healing themselves at the beginning of every turn as well. These heals might be small when they’re around 10-15% at a time, when you consider this is happening every turn it adds up and gives you a team of self healers that would worry Wolverine.

9) – Falken (Horus) – Eye of Vengence

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The Egyptian Pantheon got a lot of attention in Dislyte and while I love Drew, I mostly can’t stand the characters that got their powers in the game. The majority of them look like they wouldn’t shut up about NFTs. But Falken is an exception. He’s dressed well, has a calming voice, still masks, and the main part of his description talks about how well respected he is. Good work.

And if you decide to keep Falken on your team, he’s got a really cool passive ability for those who hunger for avenging. Falken’s got a passive ability called Eye of Vengence. Whenever he hits an opponent, even when he’s using Falconer to hit every enemy at once, that opponent gets hit with the Falken exclusive, Eye of Horus debuff.

First off, Eye of Horus lasts one turn and damages the opponent when it wears off. Nice. Secondly, if someone with Eye of Horus attacks, whoever it attacks has a 60% chance of being counterattacked. Not only that but there’s a 15% that Falken will counterattack with Falconer, not only hitting every enemy on screen but also healing himself by 10%.

As Dislyte doesn’t allow characters to skip a turn or guard this pretty much guarantees that your opponents will have their hands tied and be forced to get hit back when they do an offensive turn.

10) Tevor (Sphinx) – Uncovered Truth

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If you’ve played the “PVP” version of the game (which is more ghost images of other people’s teams and not PVP at all, you’ve come to the realization that by and far the hardest character to get is Tevor. I’ve never seen a team with them and no one in my guild (The Phantom Thieves if you want to join) has even seen them in the wild. But if you get them, they’re a pretty great get.

In addition to a really powerful special and a passive that occasionally lets you strike twice, their basic attack, Uncovered Truth, has a really cool side feature. If you hit anyone with Uncovered Truth, not only does it do 130% of ATK damage, but it also inflicted one stack of Neko-Curse.

When an enemy inflicted with Neko-Curse is defeated, that enemy essentially becomes a bomb, damaging the rest of their teammates with 40% of Tevor’s ATK. And Neko-Curse can stack up to five times, meaning that if you’re encountering opponents that last five turns or you manage to get his Neko-Sense ability going which allows you to move twice, you can get enough Neko-Curse on one enemy so their death causes 200% damage to every one of their teammates.

Alright, so that’s it for what I feel are the 10 most interesting abilities in Dislyte. Is there one you expected me to add to the list? Something you feel people should notice that didn’t get attention? Drop it in the comments below.