Dislyte: Ten best character attacks and unique abilities

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5) – Q (Eros) – Joke of the Aether

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Q is one of the characters the game puts in your party right out the gate. Does it make any sense that someone getting the powers of Eros, the god of erotic love, gives them a gun that causes damage? Nope. But that doesn’t mean he’s not fun to use…even if he makes no damn sense and looks like Kid Icarus from Captain N the Game Master (ask your parents).

See, Q’s weird little gun has a really cool attack called Joke of the Aether which can be used every three turns. When used, Q fires a charged shot at a selected enemy. Then, another enemy is selected at random and also hit. This inflicts both with a special ailment called “Link”.

What Link does is that it ties the two enemies together so that when you hit one, the other one takes damage equal to about 80% of the damage it’s buddy took. Meaning that if you link two powerful opponents, then have someone else in your party hit them with one of their really powerful single-target attacks you’re gonna do almost double damage.

If you level of Q, this can be really useful with powerful bosses because hitting the boss with this also allows you to damage any supporters it may have at the same time.

06 – Drew (Anubis) – Death’s Judgment

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Drew is Dislyte’s resident good boy. And while I can’t imagine a loyal butler was thrilled to find themselves with a dog’s head one day, but he made it work and honestly looks fly as hell.

Drew is also the very first character you get after your main character and while you’ll probably be quick to change him out as your roster goes, you should probably debate it with yourself first because his Death’s Judgment attack is super useful.

First off, Death’s Judgment hits a selected target for a whopping 260% of damage, essentially hitting it around two and a half times the strength of a normal attack. If this attack manages to kill the enemy, he’ll do a free hit to another enemy that ignores DEF and does 150% damage. If that kills THAT enemy, he’ll do one more free hit of that level.

This basically means that when you tell Drew to sick’em he might take out three opponents at once if their health is low. This can be devastating after a few turns in battle.

7) – Sally (Sif) – Ode to Joy

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Bard-like characters are nothing new to RPGs. Characters that fight with instruments is not a new thing in video games either. Hell, the main character in Dislyte rights with a guitar. But when Sally chose to come to battle with a damned tuba to heal people, despite Sif having absolutely nothing to do with healing or horns, that’s pretty unique.

In addition to her having a completely original accessory in that tuba, she can also use it do a skill called Ode to Joy which, is at least accurate in that it often has a tuba section when performed correctly (I’m a joy at trivia nights).

Ode to Joy is a weird support skill that puts Sally in “Sweet Harvest” mode for 2 turns. During this time, she’s unable to do anything else for two turns. But during these two turns, any time an ally takes a turn, they get a random debuff removed from them and are get about a fourth of their health back. Not only that but during these two turns they take 25% less damage.

So while it may seem like Sally’s hardly working for two turns, it turns out she’s working very very hard.