Dislyte: Ten best character attacks and unique abilities

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2) Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong) – Enchanting Dream

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Listen, I’m going to be real with you up front. Legendary characters SUCK to get right now in Dislyte. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was given $400 of in-game materials which I used entirely to try to get new characters and I only got two legendaries. So if you don’t have Tang Xuan that’s completely fine.

If you do though, Tang Xuan has a really interesting move called Enchanting Dream. Not only does this move hit an enemy for 170% to 200% of your ATK (depending on the move’s level) but it also absorbs any Enchantments (buffs) on the character. For each buff, it gives you a shield for two turns that gets stronger per buff absorbed as well as heals for 10% of your HP for each buff absorbed.

At first, that sounds like a chore. Like you’re going to be casting buffs on him all the time just to feed his Enchanting Dream, but here’s the thing. Both of his other two moves cast three buffs on himself every time you use them. Every single time you attack you get three buffs meaning that every time you use Enchanting Dream you’re probably getting at least three times the default.

3) Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei) – Dead End

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One of two twin brothers designed after the legendary Heibei Wuchang, two deities of light and dark that would escort souls to the afterlife, Xie Chuyi is awesome to have around to help escort your opponents off the field. But like any twins you’ve ever met in real life, his power grows if his brother, Xie Yuzhi, happens to be in the party with you. Especially the move Dead End.

Dead End hits all enemies twice. And while this does less than half the damage per enemy of a normal hit, each hit has a 40% to decrease the enemies’ speed by 30% for two turns. Useful already but if his brother is in the party with him, he then does four attacks instead of two. So now, with you hitting every enemy four times with each hit giving you a 40% chance of inflicting SPD down, you’ll be practically guaranteed to slow down the whole squad you’re up against.

Also keep in mind that if you used his move Netherworld Hurl in the previous turn, you’ll have raised your critical hit rate by 30% meaning that if you’re hitting every enemy four times each you’re looking at a real good chance to throw crits around.

4) Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai) – Luck in Pairs

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I can’t imagine you didn’t know this was going to be right after Xie Chuyi but he’s his brother Xie Yuzhi. The other half of the Heibei Wuchang.

Much like his brother’s Dead End, Xie Yuzhi has a great move called Luck in Pairs in which he attacks every enemy twice. This move hits for less than half the ATK but it also has a 40% attack per hit of stunning the enemy for 1 turn meaning they’ll just straight-up skip a turn.

But if you have his brother in the party with you, you’ll actually get four attacks instead of two so you’ll be hitting every single opponent four times each hit with a 40% chance to stun meaning that your whole party might very well get a second go-round.