Which edition of Gotham Knights should you consider buying?

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Gotham Knights is scheduled to be released on October 25, 2022 and will feature various different superheroes to help protect Gotham City from evil. Gotham Knights is an open-world, action RPG that will bring together members of the Batman family where you can take control of Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, or Nightwing as you fight crime throughout Gotham City.

Since life is all about choices, the same goes for when you are trying to decide which version of video games you would like to buy. Gotham Knights will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and there are currently three different version of the game that you can buy, each of them containing their own separate perks and addons for different prices.

Standard Edition

If you buy the Standard Edition, that is exactly what you are going to get, the standard Gotham Knights video game. If you preorder Gotham Knights though, you will receive a 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin. Other than that, you are just paying for the standard version of Gotham Knights. Sometimes that is all you need, especially if you are unsure about how much you are actually going to enjoy the video game.

The Standard Edition of Gotham Knights is going to cost you $59.99 on PC and $69.99 on PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S. The video game will not be released on PS4 or Xbox One so if you are interested in playing Gotham Knights, you either got to buy a next-gen console or buy it for PC. A standard, modern-day price, for the Standard Edition of the video game.

Standard Edition Prices

  • PS5-$69.99
  • Xbox Series X|S- $69.99
  • PC-$59.99

Deluxe Edition

The next step up would be the Deluxe Edition. If you are looking for a little extra bang for your buck and you are a pretty big Batman fan, this may be the version of the game that you are looking for. The Deluxe Edition of Gotham Knights will, of course, feature the game itself along with the Visionary Pack DLC. The Visionary DLC is the main addon that you are receiving with the Deluxe Edition.

The Visionary DLC includes the following items

  • Knightwatch by Jim Lee Transmog
  • Beyond Suitstyle
  • Three Exclusive Suit Coverways
  • Salvage for new gear
  • Exclusive Emote
  • Boosted Gear

As you can tell, there are a lot of additional items that you will receive, but that means the price is going to cost a little bit more. If you are looking to purchase the Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition on PC it is going to cost you $79.99. If you want to purchase the Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition on PS5 or the Xbox Series X|S, it is going to cost $89.99. This edition is $20 more expensive but features a lot of extras and exclusive content.

Deluxe Edition Prices

  • PS5-$89.99
  • Xbox Series X|S-$89.99
  • PC-$79.99

Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is going to be for the hardcore fans of the Batman franchise, gamers who are really just looking forward to playing this game more than anyone else, or people who just like to collect really cool things. This version features a lot of in-game addons along with a couple of real-life items that collectors will love collecting.

Every addition in the Collector’s Edition

  • Everything that is included in the Deluxe Edition
  • Exclusive New Guard Statue
  • Promethium New Guard Transmogs
  • Jim Lee Certificate of Authenticity
  • Augmented Reality Talon Key
  • Gotham City: City of Bridges collectible map.

There are a lot of different items you will be receiving if you decide that you are feeling frisky and want to purchase the Collector’s Edition. If that is the case and everything that is included catches your eye in some sort of way, the price is going to hit your wallet in a big way. If you are purchasing Gotham Knights for PC it is going to cost you $289.99 and $299.99 if you purchase the game on PS5 or the Xbox Series X|S.

Yes, you read that correctly, $300 for the Collector’s Edition of Gotham Knights. That means that if you don’t have a next-gen console and that is the copy of Gotham Knights that you are looking for, after-tax for the console and the Collector’s Edition of the game, you are looking upwards of $1,000.

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Now that you know exactly what each version brings to the table, you can make a judgment call and decide which version is best for you. There are options available for every type of gamer and the good thing is, you still have a handful of months remaining before Gotham Knights is officially released.