Evil Dead: The Game: How to unlock all Survivors

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You may have noticed that the name Sam Raimi has been floating around a lot in the media. Not only did he direct the recent Marvel hit Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but he also created the Evil Dead franchise for which the recently released Evil Dead: The Game is based on.

Evil Dead: The Game caters to all sort of gaming fans. It has a single-player campaign, multiplayer, and perhaps the most important thing an Evil Dead video game should have, horror! If you are a big single-player video game fan, Evil Dead: The Game does offer a campaign, but it isn’t going to be this miraculous story as the game mostly revolves around the multiplayer mode. However, you will have to mess around with the campaign a little bit if you are looking to unlock every Survivor Evil Dead: The Game has at its disposal.

As of release, there are currently four different Survivors that you can unlock. Each of the four Survivors are linked to a different class. These classes are Leader, Warrior, Hunter, and Support. With each of the four Survivors offering something different based on their Survivor Class, it is better to have them all unlocked. Unlocking them is pretty simple and it shouldn’t take you too much time.

All four Survivors and how to unlock them

  • Ash Williams: Complete the mission “If you love someone, set them free… with a chainsaw.” (1st mission)
  • Amanda Fisher: Complete the mission “Kill’em all.” (3rd mission)
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar: Complete the mission “It’s not gonna let us go!” (4th mission)
  • Lord Arthur: Complete the mission “Homecoming King.” (5th mission)

All you have to do is play through the single-player campaign and after you complete the fifth mission, you will have all four of the Survivors unlocked. Once you have them all unlocked, you will have them forever. I wouldn’t be surprised that somewhere down the line, Saber Interactive will decide to add more Survivors into the game. Maybe they will come as DLC or maybe they will come with a requirement to unlock. Either way, with a video game where the main focus is centered around the multiplayer game mode, more characters and DLC are definitely coming eventually.

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If you are a fan of the Evil Dead franchise or even just a fan of the horror genre, this is a great opportunity to play Evil Dead: The Game. Evil Dead: The Game is available now and it will only run you $39.99.