5 of the coolest Dislyte characters (and 5 that need help)

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Great – Djoser (personification of Atum)

This one is surprising to me. See, Atum is one of the most important members of the Egyptian pantheon as the deity of creation. All the other deities were more or less created by Atum. In fact, he was so good at creation that he even birthed himself by…um…well…I don’t think we’re allowed to get into it here without a content rating but it’s on the internet if anyone wants to be absolutely startled.

The surprising thing to me isn’t any of that (even that last part honestly) but it’s the fact that they decided to turn Atum into a minotaur. Now, given, Atum has been depicted as a bull before, it’s kind of odd that that’s the PRIMARY takeaway.

Even his attacks are mostly just about how physically strong he can hit which makes me think that they maybe were thinking of the Minotaur? Cause this dude is a tank and just hits.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because I respect the drip. Look at that outfit. Like, normally, when you see a minotaur like character they’re boring. Don’t get me wrong, Asterius in the game Hades was a great minotaur and quite possibly my favorite character in a game filled with excellent characters but his look was so cliche. Djoser here? Awesome.

Normally cargo pants are a no-go, but this somehow makes him look tougher. The shirt and suspenders work really well at making him look like hired muscle (you know despite the fact that he’s the GOD OF EVERYTHING). And the tats work well along with the strange chunky necklace.

Not so Great – Fabrice (personification of Freyr)

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This is Fabrice. Fabrice holds the personification of Freyr within him and it shows. See, Freyr absolutely makes no sense. There are about six different stories on Freyr, each explaining that he was a god of different things and because of this confusion, it makes perfect sense that Fabrice’s outfit also makes no damn sense.

Freyr is swarmed with butterflies and plays his weapon like a cello (two things absolutely not associated with Freyr). He has a butterfly over one eye that’s so obnoxious every time I look at him my face gets itchy. He’s got strings coming off his shoulders that are so poorly placed that if you rotate his model you’ll see they just sort of go into his arms and disappear somewhere within his model. His color scheme mixed with his tall frame makes him look like a sentient can of Glade spray air freshener. And the biggest crime, and, Lilith Games, please sit down and note this, his biggest crime is that this dude is in loafers with no socks.

I do not like this character. Like, all his abilities heal, or give allies invincibility or attack boosts but his whole look is just so scummy I wouldn’t trust him. Especially the shoes. Something about that sockless shoe-wearing makes me think that after the battle my other characters are going to receive a surprise bill from him for the healing service.

So those are my five favorite (and five least favorite) looks in all of Dislyte. When the game goes live on the 10th this May, lemme know what your favorite is.