5 of the coolest Dislyte characters (and 5 that need help)

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Great – Tiye (personification of Nut)

Right off the jump, I know I’ve been a little nitpicky about characters in this game that don’t really match the gods when it comes to their animal themes, but given that Nut is sometimes depicted as a cow and the internet’s weird obsession with girl/cow hybrids (please don’t Google it) I’m happy they took a step back with the animal theme here.

Nut is the goddess of the sky. She swallows the son and then gives birth to it in the morning. And while I don’t see Tiye birthing a sun in the middle of battle (though, my god would that be a spectacle) I can still see so much sky theme to her outfit.

Outside the twinkling that happens around her body as she moves, her dark sundown colored hair mixed with the white to blue ribbons that look like a daytime sky, makes this complicated look very appropriately themed.

I wish her attacks were as cool as her character though. All of her attacks seem to focus on distributing AP amongst her teammate which, though occasionally useful, is honestly makes this character who could be incredibly interesting, kinda boring to use.

But the look? Perfect.

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Not so Great – Leon (personification of Vali)

Before I get into this look, I’m going to give Leon some credit. Vali, in the Norse mythology, was born specifically to assassinate someone, so giving the game’s reoccurring assassin the powers of Vali is pretty damn clever.

You know what isn’t clever though? Taking the guy that’s supposed to hide in the shadows and adorning him in stark black and white. Like if the white doesn’t give him away in the first place, the movement of the black and white pretty much guarantees it’ll draw your eye.

Not only that but this outfit is so boring. All the detail went to that bizarre coat. Remove it and it looks like he’s got on adult pajamas. Like, if you want to see someone rock this fit, look for someone doing grocery shopping at like five in the morning. You’ll see it.

He’s also another member of this game’s ever growing “boots without socks” club. It seems like not only has humanity dwindled out heavily in the game world but it seems like the majority of survivors are all struggling with athlete’s foot something fierce.

Attack wise though, he’s three-star so he’s not that strong, but if you use them he’s got a really clever ability where if he’s inflicted with a negative status ailment and shoots an enemy, that status ailment will go with the attack and attach to the enemy instead. Really useful against stronger enemies in a foe’s team that partners an obnoxious tank with characters that throw out status issues.

Okay, we got two more. Let’s head to the final page.