5 of the coolest Dislyte characters (and 5 that need help)

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Great – Chang Pu (personification of Yao Ji)

Before I get into this, disclaimer. I am not typing it wrong. I believe the game got it wrong. Yao Ji was a male character with a somewhat confusing history during the Tang Dynasty where as Yaoji (one word) was a female character who was a goddess of medicine and plants. I promise you that’s what they meant.

Okay, on with it. Chang Pu here is a three star character which normally would mean that you’d only have her in your party out the jump. But there’s a reason I keep her around. Two.

One, she’s a great straight forward healer. Her attack isn’t going to turn a lot of tables, but the fact that she has one ability which not only heals the entire team a little but also grants them immunity from status ailments for two turns, AND a secondary heal which grants a massive heal to a single teammate, means I’m probably not going to get rid of her from my team until the other healers learn their roles.

But also, look at her. This look is awesome. It’s so thematically interesting I can’t stand it.

The clear flower petals surrounding her from the pauldrons. The flower like charm on the boots. The vines and flowers around her hair buns. The tassles of herbal looking plants that grow off her clothing. And a clear visor that, mixed with the boots looks like she’s ready to just stop battle and garden, works so well.

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Not so Great – Asenath (personification of Nefertem)

Speaking of healers, let’s get into this absolute mess of a character.

First off, Nefertem was a Water-Lily (or Lotus Blossom depending on your translation) that became a man. Sometimes he was also depicted as being part cat. Absolutely none of that translates here. Also, the name Asenath? That’s an old name which means someone who worships the goddess Neith who was from the same pantheon but was a warrior goddess who fought with a bow and arrow. Also not translated here.

As for as the outfit itself goes, there’s just too much purple, first and foremost. Asenath over here looking like the personification of Grimace.

Also, I’ll accept that she flies around on that giant flower she’s holding like a broom. It’s honestly not the weirdest liberty in the game. But the fact that she flies around while wearing a giant loose piece of fabric on her head that would work like a parachute AND while wearing a top that looks like it would be blown out of place at just the mental conception of wind, this is disastrous.

Combine that with the fact that even though she’s a healer, she only has one healer ability and it’s effectiveness is tied to her attack stat equals a flower that’s probably not going to be getting a lot of sun from the bench.

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