5 of the coolest Dislyte characters (and 5 that need help)

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Great – Jin Yuyao (personification of Queen Mother)

Are you kidding me with this? Seriously. Like, Lilith Games, I’m going to completely ignore the fact that I can’t find a single piece of mythology in which the Queen Mother was depicted as having a panther body. Seriously. Because this look is insane.

You took the standard centaur body type (of which there is a standard and I know that sounds ridiculous) and somehow dressed the whole damn thing at an expert level. Look at it.

The human top half sports an amazing top that looks mythical and business savy all at once commanding attention. The panther like bottom half has an outfit that not only makes it somehow look like a business acceptable panther, but actually contains the kind of straps you’d need to put something like this ON a body like that. That’s incredible attention to detail. And the stripped ankle socks? Are you kidding me? Lilith Games, I don’t know who designed this character but give them a bonus.

Combine that with the fact that she wields a swarm of telekinetically controlled daggers and has a passive ability called Abode of Mortals which, and I quote, is “Immune to disables. Removes a random debuff other than Immobile from all allied Espers at the start of each turn and heals them for 5% of their max HP. Increases her AP by 20% when an allied Esper receives a debuff (can only be triggered once per turn).”

You get that? Her passive ability makes her immune to disables while curing and healing all her teammates every turn. That’s insane and if you unlock her you’d be insane for not having her on your party.

Dislyte-Fit-Thor /

Not so Great – Donar (personification of Thor)

Verily there doth be a might tragedy before us this day. There are so many bad choices on this outfit it’s no wonder the original Thor died from being exposed to bad breath. Seriously dude, you’re trying to kill a snake that wraps around the entire world and you go at it’s face? The only spot that can attack? Foolish.

And this outfit is equally so. Aethetically, for example, there’s a lot of problems. Socks with no boots, So many belts the 90’s X-Men would be jealous. The only place that DOESN’T have a belt is the belt loops of the pants as they’re all loosely over it. And the dog tag? Thor may be the god of thunder, but Donar here is the god of over accessorizing. Remember the golden rule, Donar, if you think you’re doing too much, take off an accessory and see if it still works.

But now let’s look at it from a practical standpoint. This dude is covered in belts with metal studs, a metal dog collar, metal rings, ear rings, and, you can’t see it, but he regularly takes out a metal flask from his coat. Given the fact that this dude is literally unable to contain his electricity and always generating it, all that metal would, at the lightest, turn this dude into a stupid electro magnet which, in a world that has enough problems, letting this guy near your home would just bring more issues.

Not only that but his attacks are as confusing as his outfit choices. Check the description of his passive ability known as Thundercrack. Hope you’re in for some word salad. “Enters Conductor Mode for 1 turn upon the end of each turn and deals damage equal to 110% of DEF to all enemies at the beginning of the next turn. 1 stack of Thunder Blessing is applied while Conductor Mode is active. Immobilization removes Conductor Mode. When an active ability triggers a Crit, reduces the cooldown on Thundercrack by 1 turn(s).” That’s more confusing than the pronunciation of his hammer’s name.

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