Elden Ring: How to change your Appearance During Your Adventures

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Elden Ring offers one of the deepest player creators in the Soulsborne series while still being familiar to longtime players. An open-world game, it’s a newer experience for both the veteran and novice alike as Souls games are typically linear.

And with such a large world, things can feel a bit overwhelming at first but exciting. In fact, it can be so exciting, that you might’ve rushed through the character creation process so you can hop into The Lands Between.

Did you make your way to this world with a character that you’re not satisfied with, appearance-wise? Oops. But don’t worry, Tarnished, you don’t need to create a whole new character again or constantly wear a mask in shame.

You can go and change your appearance in the middle of the journey (phew). There are two ways to accomplish this. One is much more complicated than the other. The easiest way is by resting at three Sites of Grace.

Once you do this, Melina (remember, the girl with the hood and one eye?) will appear and offer to take you to the Roundtable Hold which essentially operates as your home base and safe haven for most of the game.

Here, you’ll just need to head into the room that’s next to the blacksmith and go near the mirror and you’ll see an option that allows you to change your appearance. Take one last look at your old self and become anew, Tarnished. The nice thing is that you can do this whenever you want.

The other option is a bit more complicated as you’ll need to defeat a cool boss in order to gain access. And yes, this is just a secondary option so you can change your look with either of these ways.

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