Warframe: How to get Gyre and her Component Blueprints

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Warframe Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman dropped today and with it came new story content, game modes, reworks and more — including the game’s 49th Warframe, Gyre. If you’re looking to add Gyre to your collection, here’s how to farm for her Blueprint and the associated Component Blueprints.

Access the Chrysalith hub

Gyre’s Blueprints drop from the new Zariman Bounties which can be picked up from within the Chrysalith, the new hub area. but in order to access the Chrysalith, you need to first complete the Angels of Zariman quest.

During this quest, you will be introduced to a band of new characters and a new Syndicate who call the Chrysalith home. It’s in the Chrysalith that you’ll be able to visit the NPC Quinn and pick up the new Zariman Bounties.

Complete Zariman Bounties

Obtaining Gyre’s Blueprints is a pretty straightforward task. All you need to do are complete Zariman Bounties. Gyre’s Blueprints and Component Blueprints are one of the rewards, alongside the Alternox Blueprint (New Primary Weapon), Hespar Blueprint (New Heavy Scythe), Aeolak Blueprint (New Primary Rifle) and various new resources.

The Gyre Blurpints are uncommon drops found in certain tiered Bounties. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Gyre Neuroptics Blueprint: Tier 1 Bounties
  • Gyre Chassis Blueprint: Tier 2 Bounties
  • Gyre Systems Blueprint: Tier 3 Bounties
  • Gyre Blueprint: Tier 4 Bounties

Of course, if you don’t feel like farming for Gyre’s blueprints, you can always purchase the warframe via the in-game Market. The Angels of the Zariman Chrysalith Pack is also available for purchase for $39.99 an dcomes with the Gyre warframe along with cosmetics, resource and drop chance boosters, various cosmetic skins, 500 Platinum and more.

Gyre is a an electric-themed Warframe with the power to annihilate enemies using the conductivity of coil sand transmitters. Her passive gives a 10% chance to deal critical damage for each Electrical status that affects the enemy.