PlayStation Plus Premium will require 2-hour game trials from developers

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Sony made a huge announcement back in March that sent shockwaves throughout the PlayStation community. Sony announced that PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be merged together and form a new PlayStation Plus subscription service with three tier-based membership levels. The highest tier that is a part of the PlayStation Plus subscription service is called PlayStation Plus Premium and it will now require developers to create a 2-hour game trial if their video game is priced at $34 or above.

Game developers are reportedly being required by Sony to have a 2-hour game trial made for any of their games that cost $34 or more on PlayStation Plus Premium. This is going to give PlayStation Plus Premium subscription members the opportunity to test some games out before they fully commit to buying them or downloading any of the available options that are presented to themselves.

Some of the rules surrounding the 2-hour game trials for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers are as follows. The developers will have up to three months after a game officially launches to submit a minimum 2-hour game trial. They will also be required to be available on PlayStation’s subscription service for a 12-month minimum.

On one hand, this is going to require more work form developers. But on the other, this is a pretty good incentive for gamers to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription. It allows you a chance to test a game if you’re on the fence and avoid shelling out $60-$70 on something you may not enjoy.

If you are looking to join in on Sony’s rebranded PlayStation Plus experience, you can do so starting on May 23 in Asian markets (excluding Japan), June 1 in Japan, June 13 in the Americas, and June 22 in Europe.

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If you are a PlayStation Plus Premium member, it appears that you Sony is slowly rolling out more and more benefits for having the new subscription service. If you aren’t sure yet if you are interested in purchasing PlayStation Plus Premium for an extended period of time, you can try out a month for $17.99 starting in June. If you end up enjoying everything that comes with the PlayStation Plus Premium experience, you can buy a full year outright for $119.99. With all the new information that is slowly coming out for PlayStation Plus Premium, it may be better to just buy a full year right out of the gate.